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5 Strengths for 5 Stressors of Today


The current times has been thee worst across our history for the stress and its effects being part of daily life. There are many people who are feeling the psychological burden under the current scenario. Many people are talking about themselves feeling very tired and withdrawn from daily activities, while others are avoiding exposure to media as it contributes to feeling down and stressed by world events.

One of my friend one day came to me and told me he is quite stressed. The factor he was telling was news all around us is the reason. Another day, he came back and said he is stressed about the future of his son. Then the reason changed from one to another in the next month or so. This shows the state of things we are currently in.

There are many distraction and stressors in the current times, that it is almmost impossible to ignore them and stay calm. Here is wat we can do about the big seven causes which I think are most relevant in the world today:

1. The world is going down the tubes.

If you think the world is going to hell due to the horrific events of the recent times including fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and flooding, the relief you have is the humna values you see during this time - altruism, sympathy and empathy. This gives one a sense of being helpful and providing hope for yourself and others.

2. We are destroying our planet

We must do all what we can individually and collectively to protect our planet. Provide support, care and interest about earth in children so that the biodiversity we have remains.

3. I feel alone

As social animals, we do need to be with others and feel part of a group. Connect your passions and interests with others to make yourself away fro the lonely situations.

4. People seem easily angered and upset.

There is anger everywhere. People are all frustrated and stressed. The only way out is exercise, meditation, downtime with friends and family, and take that vacation time you have accrued at work.

5. I don't know what to do to be of help.

Keep in mind that grief and loss are part of life. How have you managed your own loss or grief in life? Be ready to share your experiences with others to keep up with life.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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