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The key to depression recovery is to start small and build from there.

We have tried to create some of the basic steps and ways in which you can develop your own best fit holistic program.

This program can strengthen your "psychological immune system" and therefore enhance your vulnerability to illness. This is also being devised to target people who are experiencing a major depressive episode and think of using psychotherapy and medication along with some self help programs.

This treatment plan and the holistic approach is divided into four different broad categories - Self Care, Emotional Self Care, External Support, and Daily Routine Habits. The chart below gives a visual representation of the program. As you go through the chart, there are some guidelines which we have provided. You may use them but its not having any set pattern which we can suggest. Its your plan, you need to devise it. It is up to each individual to skim through the available treatment options and discover what works for him or her best.

There is nothing special or something out of this world we have suggested you. We have just tried to compile all the points which one should take into account while recovering form the aftermath of a depressive episode. The plan is a simple common sense approach to living a healthy and balanced life. But simple does not mean easy. It definitely require a lot of patience, dedication, perseverence. But the dedication is worth it.

At the end just remember that depression is just like any other disease. When we suffre from some severe surgery, after getting discharged from the hospital, we are asked to take some precautions in our daily routine. These precautions are well laid down by the surgeon and then by the doctor you visit. But even after that, you know yourself and do the things which best fits you to let you in your perfect health.

Similarly, after major depressive episodes, the road is hard, tough, but it is possible to reach the destinaton of well being and good health. Only you need to know that there is a destination waiting for you at the end of the road you are working on. You need to be dedicated and constantly trying to reach there. We hope people get the basics of our holistic approach and get the benefit out of it.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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