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Teena JainDepression-Guide, whose daily operations are overseen by Ms. Teena Jain,  is one of the Internet’s largest independent mental health social network. Since 2004, our award-winning website has been supported by seasoned mental health professionals to provide reliable and trusted information on mental healh and depression. We are supporting many support groups which help people realize the results of all rounded support for mental health patients. .

We are pledged to carry the modern world's voice for emotional support and treatment of mental health forward. We had been instrumental in touching the lives of over 5 million people around the world every month in best possible ways. We’re also proud to represent the interests of our forum membership of over 200,000 people whose lives have been touched by a mental health concern or risk.

Depression-Guide provides ready reckoner mental health information on variety of illnesses, psychology concerns, social support work, and more broadly on psychiatry. The Depression-Guide Network includes dozens of Health-relates blogs, online communities - not limited to, our Depression Forums, Self Help Leaflet and Quarterly Magazine - All about Living with Depression.

Depression-Guide has its proud roots in "creating online support groups" when it was born in the summer of 2004. Launched in April 2004 as Depression-Guide.com - Helping People Daily, our website became instant hit. In the beginning of year 2008, it became one among the top 50000 sites (All categories) in the world. It was the first to talk a lot about the importance of self help and family support for the recovery of the mental health patients - specially depression. It was rated time and again as one of the best depression related field.

Depression-Guide was named as one of the 50 Best Mental Health Websites, by one leading newspapers in New York - The NYT.

Most important: The material or research or guide on this site is only for informational purposes, and it should not be considered in any capacity as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment offered by qualified mental health or health care professionals. One should always consult the doctor before trying/adopting anything you are reading.

Helping People Daily
Committed to provide evidence-based mental health &
depression information which is easy to understand.
We work hard for giving hope and happiness despite
different background and course of life.
Start small and Make positive choices

Depression-Guide is wholly owned and operated
by Teena Jain

The inspiration of Depression-Guide came from the mental deterioration of Teena’s friend and followed by quest for best possbile care/solution for such cases!!

We help you to come out of the dark and see the light of life and happiness. You can find all the related updated information on our site. We will be constantly adding and updating the existing articles in this site. So stay tuned!!

Your suggestions and feedbacks are very important for us. So keep them flowing. Send us your valuable feedback to keep us improving and helping you.

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