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Know Anxiety Pills Before You Calm Down


What do these pills do?

There are a variety of anxiety pills on the market. These include such popular options as Valium, Xanax and Ativan. However, it will help to know just how all of these drugs work.

These anxiety pills work to slow down processes in the body’s nervous system. An overactive nervous system can be seen as the cause of many cases of anxiety. They are noted for being able to work quickly in that these drugs can go into effect in a little less than an hour. This means that a person could take these pills as soon as one feels anxious over something.

Do they cause anything else?

There are a few effects that can come out of these pills. Because anxiety pills work to slow down one’s nervous system they will cause a person to feel tired. People can feel sleepy in many cases when they take anxiety pills. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that one does not operate heavy machinery or drive after using anxiety pills.

Memory loss and dizziness can also occur. Some anxiety pills can even cause depression in some people.

Some people should not be taking them

Even with all of the benefits of anxiety pills there are a couple of people who should not be taking these pills. Older people, particularly those over the age of sixty-five, should not be using them because they are more sensitive to the effects of anxiety pills. Also, those who have had to deal with substance abuse in the past and pregnant women should not deal with these drugs. These drugs can cause reverse effects on these people if they try to use them. The best thing that anyone can do is to talk with one’s doctor before even trying to work with any of these anxiety pills.

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