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Autism and Ageing – Effects and Impact


The adults who face Autism might suffer from many related conditions or disorders. These health troubles range from psychiatric conditions to motor symptoms, something similar to Parkinson’s disease.

According to the study conducted by the Director of Autism Research Program at known health care firm, inclusion and feeling part of society really does impact on health status of the adults suffering from Autism. This study was performed on the health status of more than 2,000 adults with autism.

There is a lot of gap in understanding and identifying the autistic adults who have been misdiagnosed with other conditions in their early ages.  In old and aged people, there is no significant study or research material available which can throw the light on the life of people with undetected Autism.

Aging and Autism became harmonious

With the advent of advanced diagnosis and treatment for autism spectrum disorders (ASD), it has been becoming easier and better to handle. The live of people suffering and those around them have changed significantly.

If someone is diagnosed today, they are in a better position when they age as compared to 1-2 generations earlier. Earlier diagnosis, early intervention and more targeted treatment programs, along with awareness/support have a significant impact on aging outcomes. Some of the challenges faced earlier are as follows:

  1. Change in diagnosis criterion – has said the story of under-diagnosis and incorrect diagnosis in earlier generations.
  2. Very few studies earlier focussed on adults and older adults which led to incorrect data and analysis on these subjects.
  3. There were very minimal diagnostic tools available to diagnose and assess ASD

The people who were diagnosed with Autism during the first generation of right Autism diagnosis are reaching their middle years of life. Mature adults are diagnosed for the first time. All the cadre of people with autism, their families, supporters and care providers, etc. need right help and resources on Ageing with autism. There is help available which can tell how to face the situation arising due to the symptoms of Autism in aged adults or mature people.

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