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Autism affect and features on Stress Levels


Families and specially mothers of children with autism experience chronic stress which is proven to be comparable to combat soldiers. They are always struggling with fatigue and work disruptions. They need to spend a significant amount of time every day for care giving as compared to mothers of children without autism.

The stress hormones have their effect on physiological profile of the person. The long term effect of the stress hormone level is not known on the physical health of the person. These levels on the other hand do impact the glucose regulation, immune functioning and mental activity.

Anxiety and stress as a Comorbid condition to Autism

Almost 100% of the children with Autism have another comorbid condition in the form of other psychological conditions. Out of them Stress and Anxiety are the most common one. Below are some of the risks of anxiety associated with kids with Autism:

  1. They cannot interact with others due to communication skills they lack. They look apart from their peers due to their ever repetitive behaviour. Due to these factors there are isolation and anxiety in these kids.
  2. The Autism kids have a totally different stress response as compared to other kids. This makes them more vulnerable to teasing and bullying. They look indifferent to stress situation although they are suffering more.

How one can help Moms of Autism Kids for Stress?

There is a constant pressure on the moms of kids with Autism. They are always stressful and has a constant feel of some guilt within them. According to the study conducted by researchers a mindfulness training involving teaching the moms the techniques of deep breathing, relaxation and monitoring of thoughts helped them to control the stress levels. The other recommended program was to have a positive psychology where they were trained on dealing with feelings of guilt and worry using mental exercises and optimism. This program also will help reduce the stress levels in the mothers of Autistic children.

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