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Can Autism be prevented?


The causes of Autism are unknown and the researchers through the behavioural analysis and experiments believe that genetics is responsible for the risk of child developing Autism. There are very few cases which have been seen to be caused by chemical exposure and other agents which cause birth defects.

There is nothing one can do to reduce the risk or prevent Autism from happening. Autism is genetic disorder and cannot have any control for its onset. Although, due to recent advancement in treatment and symptomatic cure options, there are ways in which it can be controlled and managed very well.

Prevention options for Autism

Here are some of the ways which can lead to better and effective management of symptoms of Autism which can lead to stress free life for the individuals as well as the people surrounding them:

  • Well, to ensure the right development of child while pregnant, you need to ensure, you do proper regular check-ups, do right exercise and take all supplements recommended by the expert. Do not take things causally if you feel any type of discomfort.
  • Do not take any type of drugs or medicines without approval of your doctor. This is very important if you are taking any anti-seizure medicines.
  • Say no to alcohol and smoking while you are pregnant.
  • Get proper immunization for German measles or rubella before pregnancy. It can prevent rubella-associated autism occurrence.
  • If autism spectrum disorder is diagnosed for your child, you need to be very careful and talk to the experts for drafting the right treatment strategy. There might be a need to try different treatment options before finalizing on the most suitable and efficacious combination of therapies/medicines.
  • There are cases where if a woman has Candida or yeast infection, gluten intolerance, food allergies, parasites, etc, they need to be treated for these conditions before thinking to conceive.
  • Few other tips for women who are pregnant is to reduce sugar consumption, say no to antibiotics, taking right combination of vegetables, fruits and cereals.

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