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Autism as a general term is referred to all the spectrum disorders which include Autism, Asperger Syndrome, and high-functioning disorders.

Facts on Autism

Some of the starting facts about Autism are as follows:

  1. Autism is very common than people think. Only in UK there are about 700000 people suffering from Autism which is equal to 1 in 1000 people.  Across the world, according to CDC, there are about 1 percent of the world population suffering from autism spectrum disorder.
  2. It means, Autism touches lives of about 3 million people only in the UK, if we consider the immediate family members of the Autistic people.
  3. Autism is not restricted to children only. It is present during adult years or old age as well.
  4. Autism is not always visible from its characters or traits. It often goes undiagnosed and one cannot differentiate between Autistic and non autistic person at times.
  5. Right support and changes in lifestyle can make people effectively cope with the symptoms of Autism to a great extent. Although this illness is not curable.
  6. More than half of the children with think that their parent believe they are not in a school which can support the kids best.

Autism Statistics which is interesting

In the US, the Autism is prevalent in about 1 in 70 births according to the CDC – 2014. There are about 3.5 million Americans who have autism spectrum disorder. Autism is the fastest-growing developmental disability in the US.

According to the calculation of the services rendered for Autism, there is a cost factor involvement of $236-262 billion annually out of which the adult services costs $175-196 billion, and child services costs $61-66 billion.

Early diagnosis and intervention can lead to a reduction of lifelong care giving cost for Autism by 2/3 times it is currently.

Boys are almost 5 times more likely than girls to have autism. It has no known cure or medical detection.

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