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How to Choose the Right School for Your Child with ASD?


Choosing the right education for the kids with Autism is as important as it is for other children. Every child has a right to education and if they are autistic, they need more attention and special care while providing education. There are many choices which one has if they are looking for school for their autistic child:

  1. Public schools are there in all parts of the country where the kids can start and take special education needed for them.
  2. Charter or magnet schools again will have public funding like the public schools and operate using the lottery system. There are few which specialize in Autistic treatments.
  3. Many other private options are also present. These choices are costly since they do not operate on the public funding. There are some which specialize in Autism Spectrum Diagnosed cases only.
  4. There is one last option of home schooling for special children. There you will assistance from the therapists who can support in all possible ways.

Tips on choosing Best School for Your Child

Try for the answers of the following questions while selecting the school for your child.

  • Have you selected the goals for your child education?
  • What should be reflected in your child education and school needs?
  • Does the school understands the person with autism and they are ready to tailor the education pattern for these special cases?
  • Do the school have any special arrangements for the kids with Autism?
  • Sometimes, the schools are not looking to accommodate the kids with special needs. Ask whether the school is willing to make accommodations for your child?
  • Will the child get enough attention in the school?
  • So the school has a anti-bullying policy and it is strictly adhered in the school by all the teachers, students and the head?

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