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Facts, Myths and Statistics on Autism


Autism is known to affect about 1 person in 100 people in the world. This comes down to a whopping number of 80 million across the world who are suffering from this neurological disorder. People do not know much about Autism and think that it has psychiatric causes and other daily life related causes.

People do not know how to handle Autism and how it can be managed so that the person sufffering and the people surrponding him are able to live a happy and meaningful life. According to a study in UK, 1 in 68 children in todays schools suffer from some or the other form of Autism related disorders. Boys are more likely to acquire Autism than girls.

Autism spread is increasing steadily in the last 30-40 years. Due to proper diagnostic tools and better skills, the rate of positive autism diagnosis has increased 6 folds.

Some of the facts on Autism

  1. Autism has its roots to Neurological issues rather than psychiatric roots.
  2. Autism can occur to any race, gender, ethnic group, social status, etc.
  3. It has no known cure. But the earlier the diagnosis, the better the chances of managing the symptoms and controlling the lifestyle of people suffering and people around them.
  4. Medical costs of Autism are about 6 times than that of a child without Autism.
  5. Children with Autism show unusual responses to acts like lighting in rooms, tastes, sound and textures. They are highly sensitive to sensory stimulus and become very anxious.
  6. Autism can be diagnosed at the age of 18 months. Early interventions can start when the brain is developing. This can raise the chances and also can rais ethe IQ.

Misconceptions and Myths about Autism

Many of the educated people in current time also do not know much about Autism. There are micsonception that kids with Autism are genious and this expectation make their life more difficult. These kids might be good in 1-2 tasks (like numbers, remembering address book, doing calculations, etc.) but that is also not a trend.

Facts, Myths and Ststistics about Autism - Graphic

The kids go away from treatment if they feel they are looked at differently due to the disorder and refrain from participating in any therapy or session.

Some other common Myths

- It results from bad parenting.
- Autistic people have no sense of humor.
- They lack emotions and feelings. They are very cold.
- They do not want to communicate and verbal sufferers are not at all intelligent.

Myths about Autism

Autism people can never be fine. Infact, autistic people show enough improvement by treatment plans if they are taken care of as early as possible.

Autism at the end is only a brain disorder. In reality, autistic children suffer from gastro-intestinal disorders, sensitivities, etc.

Autism cure and treatment therapies are seldom covered in Insurance plans. Half of the providers gives limited coverage of Autism related treatment.

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