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Effect on Siblings of Autistic Child


There has been lot of research conducted on the genetic make of the families which has at least 2 Autistic children. The research has extensively studied the genetic make of the siblings and the diagnosis of autism does not share the same genetic risk factors for the disorder. They are different in their behaviors like any other brothers and sisters.

Deep Impact of Autism on the Siblings

If you have a person or child at home with autism (any of the ASD disorders) within your family, it has a great impact on everyone, not just the parents, but siblings as well.

Young kids who have elder autistic siblings often have to face teasing and bullying from other children at school. Below are some of the feelings which a sibling can face:

  1. Teasing at school or playground
  2. Complete lack of privacy
  3. Disruptions in their home life
  4. Feeling of resentment about the attention given to autistic sibling.

The older sibling of Autistic child does not have the issues as stated above, but they are insecure or worry about caring of autistic child. They think they need to take care of the sibling. They also needed support which they think will be all given to their sibling.

It is not that it is always bad to have an autistic sibling. People in long run have shared the feedback that their autistic brother or sister has taught them to be more tolerant to people’s indifference towards them.

Effect of autistic child on the typical child

The effect of the children on each other can be diminished by following a suitable approach.

  1. Provide the typical child education on autism all across his or her lifespan.
  2. Allow them to share the feedback and feelings – bad or good.
  3. They should get a chance to meet other siblings of other children with autism
  4. They should get proper special time with parents
  5. They should be skilled to interact with the affected child and care them if necessary.  

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