Talk to someone!!!

OK ppl i know that a lot of you want to leave this place alot of you dont think that you can handle whatever it is that your going through but honestly suicide, cutting, puking, self-abuse is not the answer. You have to look deep in your heart and know that there is people in this world that loves you and need you to be with them. If you dont have that one person that you think you can talk to you are mistaken. There is always someone in everyones life that will be there for them even if you cant see them yet they are there. I promise. I found the people that understand me. Im a stubborn person so i hate to talk about my problems but my friends love me so they force it out of me and i know that i can go to them and cry. Even if they have never felt the i have felt they know how to make it all better. And if you are a teen you need friends the most someone to talk and if you dont think you have anyfriends go to your counsler someone but dont hold it in because it will turn in a problem that ends up 10 times worse then you wanted it to end like. How Family and Friends can help?


Listening Depression

Don’t you think it’s hard? To listen to people tell you to cheer up, smile, and let go of your depression. I find it unbearable, and not because i think they don’t care because i feel they do, but more because they don’t understand. When you’ve been sad for so long it becomes dependable. And you find it hard to remember what it was like not being lonely. But if i think about it, my sadness has always been there for me, not once has it let me down. So why rely on the happiness you once had if it abandoned you so easily. What if you don’t want to be that way because you don’t want to have to try again. Because setting yourself up for the fall…it’s so much harder than falling. Because then when you’re down you know you were right all along.
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I’ve suffered from depression for over 20 years. I’m 31 and I know I need help but its not that easy. I have no one to talk to. My husband is so insensitive to the subject. He so does not understand what Iam going through. he doesn’t even try. reading some of these I totally understand. but in a way it hurts me even more, cuz if there are so many of us out there that feel this way, why does everyone else make it difficult for us to get help, they judge and laugh. My biggest regret in life is that I didn’t kill myself when I was a teenager. I hate life, I always have. Back than I convinced myself life would get better, boy was I wrong.I think in society it would have been more acceptable to kill myself back than. I have a son and I know he would be better off with out me. Iam probably the worst mother in the world. You think after I kicked a hole in the wall that that would have been a wake up call for my husband and he would have become more caring, ya right.
I have never said any of this stuff before in my life. Does it make me feel better? NO 

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Depression glass

i don’t kno if this will help ne one out there but if it does then here u go, i don’t even kno the point of this poem but i write to let it go.
I tell myself it’s all fake
the tears ive cryed the pain I hide
I don’t even admit my feeling to myself
it would make them real
if they’r real then other will see how i feel and causing them pain would only hurt me more
to let people in
invites some one to take them from you
so I stay alone or i have shallow relationships
I don’t even let my “best friend” kno how much pain im in
no drugs for me
no out bursts
that would make them realize how I feel
and then they would try to help
but no one can so i bottle it up and save it for later.
——(Mare\’ Tuck)

Every night I cry myself to sleep

I have never seen any one about it or been diagnosed but Ive always known there was something wrong… nearly every night I cry myself to sleep thinking how the world would be better off without me.I was an accident coming into this world and it time the accident be fixed… I’m an awful mother,wife, and employee… my 7 year old tells me im mean even though i treat her like a princess… but i sometimes yell because i ask her to do things like clean her room and other basic things over and over with out her doing them until i finally yell about it… and my husband well he is just never happy with me im just too fat too ugly too lazy and my boobs are too big… all i have ever wanted from him was his love but apparently thats the one thing i cant have (did i mention it will be 3 years on thanksgiving since he told me he loves me?)the one thing i was always good at was my job that was the one place i have always fealt confident at but lately it seems even that isnt going so good…back to my husband everyone thinks he is just so great “an outstanding member of the community” some might say…. and everyone thinks he deserves better than me or at least thats what he has told me… never mind the constant screaming he does at me and the major fits over anything and everything. not to mention the non stop jeolusy….. some times i try to decide which would be better to kill my self … or to leave him … we seperated once but he came right back …. not to mention his parents pretty well own this little town so i could pretty much kiss my daughter good by..If i do decide to take my self out i already know how i will do it… either sleeping pills or pull the car in the garage and let it run…. either way its not messy and i just fall asleep and dont wake up. 

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Positive Thinking – Your passport to success

Think positive and this world will be different place for you. Probably, you have heard it so many times. What is positive thinking? Our mind works like a factory churning out so many thoughts. These thoughts command are personality, if we let them be. Whenever a situation arises, we quickly analyze and as a result different thoughts start coming into our mind. Every person nurtures fear of unknown and this is what makes negativity of thoughts which not only irritate us to a great extent but can also lead to devastation.
How do we cultivate positive thinking? The mind need extreme conditioning to develop the thinking of positive thinking. Whenever we are surrounded with the crisis, we immediately switch our mind on the negative track. As a result, the situation worsens and goes out of our hand. Positive thinking changes our perspective and outlook. If you are determined to think positive, nothing can stop you. Most of the times, due to negative thoughts, we dreaden the situation which is not so. In the process, we develop anxiety and restlessness which decreases our productivity. Such a state of mind makes us incompetent. In contrast, positive thinking uplifts your mood instantly.