Vascular Dementia

In the past, the dementia caused ny cerebrovascular disease was referred to as ‘atherosclerotic’ psychosis. Following the separation of distinct syndromes of psychiatric disorder in late life, it become apparent that dementia was often associated with multiple infaracts of varying size. mostly caused by thromboembolism from extracranial arteries and Hachinski (1974) suggested the now superseded term multi-infarct dementia (MID). 

Recent research has shown that patients with multi-infarct dementia are a subgroup of a larger group of patients with dementia due to vascular disease, and the term vascular dementia is now preferred. The pathogenic mechanisms are very varied, and include large or small vessel arteriosclerosis, embolus, vasculitis, amyloid angiopathy and intracranial haemorrhage. 

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What if you hated yourself

What if you hated yourself
What if you were scared of yourself
What if you create barriers around yourself
What if you sleep but still feel tired
What if you always feel sick and weak
What if you had no friends
What if you had to pretend
What if your bad memories always play inside your head
What if you have to keep everything inside
What if you feel guilty for something thats not your fault
What if you’re filled with all-emcompassing sadness
What if you wished you were dead
What if you told your self that you’re worthless
What if you thought no one would care if you were gone
What if you feel like you don’t belong
What if you can’t stop crying when you’re by yourself
What if every song or story or poem brings up bad memories and thoughts
What if nothing ever goes your way
What if you never get to choose
What if you were isolated from everyone
What if you never get noticed
What if you had your childhood taken from you and had to grow up so fast
What if no one cares or loves you
What if no one sees your pain
What if you were silent all the time and never talked to anyone or got talked to
What if no one understands you
What if you saw the whole world as grey and meaningless
What if you felt like apart of you dies everyday
What if you know your life is meaningless
What if you never smiled or held your head high
What if you had to go through, feel, and be all of these things
What if………….then you would know how it feels to be ME