Minimal Brain Dysfunction

The theory of minimal brain dysfunction 

The observation that defined brain damage was associated with psychiatric disorder led to the suggestion that lesser degrees of damage, insufficient
to cause definite neurological signs, could account for otherwise unexplained disorders. The term minimal brain damage was suggested, but was later changed to minimal brain dysfunction after repeated failures to find evidence of any structural changes. 

It was suggested that this brain dysfunction originated in damage at birth and for a time the phrase ‘a continuum of reproductive casualty’ (Pasamanick and Knobloch 1966) was used to express this notion. There is an association between histories of abnormal pregnancy, prematurity, and birth asphyxia on the one hand, and psychiatric disorder on the other, but the former factors are also associated with social disadvantage which could be the real cause of the psychiatric disorder. Whilst the concept of minimal brain damage (or dysfunction) has been abandoned, the role of established brain damage is well recognized. 

Andropause, Male Menopause

Eventually, each man’s journey is unique, shaped by his hopes, his relationships, his blood pressure and the angle of his dangle. To be sure, the intensity of the mid-life passage varies greatly. For some men, it’s a dark ordeal that includes depression and is best navigated by a doctor. For most, it’s less perilous but still needing correction by a change in attitude. Either way, self-medication with bourbon is a bad idea. 

While andropause can be treated by Testosterone Replacement Therapy, some self help recommendations are: Find new ways to relieve stress; eat a nutritious, low fat, high fibre diet; get plenty of sleep; exercise regularly; talk about what you are going through; limit your alcohol and caffeine intake; drink lots of water. Besides that, at the end of the day. it might best help to take solace in what some smart aleck once said: “Age – something that doesn’t matter unless you are cheese.” 

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