How to tackle World which is filled with Sadness?

Can you tackle World which is filled with Sadness without getting effected?

Here are many top tips to help you on Sadness coming from the external world around us. The world is a crazy place, where several crazy things happen daily. You need to learn to tackle the world and the upcoming sadness from this. Here are few of the tips to help cut down the stress and take the path ahead.

Avoid the mainstream news

Every day in the morning you will read many racist, fear-mongering headlines which will not do any good to your day and your mood. Promise yourself a full month of media fast every year and you can see the results of it on your mood. The negative energy we have for the world is always better spent on positive thought and action. In addition there are various reasons you cannot trust the honest account of current happening in the world. Remember, news gathering and news creation both has been proven innumerable times earlier.

Channelize your frustration in some Creative thing

Getting mad and hysteric is not going to take you anywhere. It will just add complication. So do not stress yourself, but be poetic and start writing, drawing, painting, vlogging or blogging, playing a musical instrument, etc. Remember, creativity is a wonderful antidote to depression. You do not have to learn to perform, but to spend the good amount of time doing something constructive.

Disconnect All your Devices (to reconnect with life!)

Break from Social media and phone can relax you a lot more than you can think of. According to a study from Denmark, we’d all feel much happier if we had a break from social media. The study also found that people who quit using phones, tablets, laptop, etc., interacted lot more with real-life human beings.

Take control of your mind

Forget about past, Live in Present and Plan for Future is what you should be reminding yourself to live in the present moment is a very effective way to eliminate worrying and get some perspective. Participate in global group meditations which can help you visualize world peace.

Remember: millions of people feel the same as you!

You are not alone in this feeling. You need to realize that you are not the only one facing this issue. Just remember the millions of people around the world who are campaigning for change. Surround yourself with like-minded people, and never underestimate the importance of a hug.

Hearing Inner Voices

Simple tips to Handle Betrayal and Hearing Voices

Betrayal harms us more than anything else in the world.  It can go down till the deepest parts of us. Yet it is possible to reach those inner dark places which hide the darkest fears and desires. It is possible through gentle love and listening.

Whether it is a child suffering from sexual abuse or a partner dealing with domestic violence, the trauma is overwhelming since it involves someone with intimate relationship. Since you are dependent on the other person for food, shelter, emotional wellbeing, support, etc. the suffering received is also severe in the case of abuse.

In the cases of abuse and betrayal, many times people start hearing their names being called out from the back. When they turn around, there is no one. This hearing of voices if happens more than 2-3 times a week, is not normal and comes under the category of issue called hearing voices which has its roots in the betrayal and abuse you had suffered from deep inside.

When our experience of hearing voices goes beyond hearing names, then we tend to feel concerned. These in other words are also called auditory hallucinations which may not necessarily always be abnormal.

Differences in Voices origin

Different people hear voices from different places. Sometimes the voices appear to come through ears and sometimes, it is like coming from inside the head. There could be many voices or single voice coming from these places.  These voices can be both encouraging or intimidating coming either from someone you know in your life or from someone you never heard of.

Betrayal trauma can lead to visual and auditory hallucinations such as victims hearing the voice of their abuser.

Advice for those hearing voices

The following advice can help you recover from the deep hurt from these voices:


Accepting your voices and stop battling with yourself to avoid them, will make you in better position to understand them.


There are different ways you can gain control over your voices. You can distract yourself from the voices by listening to music through headphones. You can also start a dialogue with the voices you hear. If the voices you hear are threatening, tell them that they have no power over you.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy – DBT for BPD and Mental Health Problems

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of CBT (cognitive behavioral treatment) that was initially developed to treat chronically suicidal individuals diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD). It has been over the time recognized as the gold standard psychological treatment for this population.

It is also effective in treating a wide range of other disorders such as substance dependence, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and eating disorders.

Although, DBT is the brainchild of Dr. Marsha Linehan, a clinical psychologist from Seattle, many others have contributed and the development of the treatment continues.

DBT has four sets of behavioural skills.

  1. Mindfulness – the practice of being fully aware at the current moment
  2. Distress Tolerance: tolerating pain in difficult situations, not change it
  3. Interpersonal Effectiveness: How to maintain self-respect
  4. Emotion Regulation: how to control emotions when you want to control them.

General Characteristics of DBT


DBT help the patient identify his or her strengths and build on them.

Cognitive-based – This type of therapy helps people find about their thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions that make life harder for them.

Collaborative: It requires constant attention to relationships between clients and staff. In DBT people are encouraged to work out problems in their relationships with their therapist and the therapists to do the same with them.

Diary cards

Specially formatted cards for tracking therapy interfering behaviors that distract or hinder a patient’s progress. Diary cards can be filled out daily, 2-3 times a day, or once per week.


Limitations of DBT

There are a few criticisms and limitations, if using DBT for treatment of depression and allied illnesses.

  1. Much of the available research on the efficacy of DBT included small sample sizes and focused on a specific sector of the mental health population. Critics argue more research should be done to determine whether DBT works well for those with varied or complex mental health concerns.
  2. DBT uses a detailed manual and requires solid training to implement. In many of the research studies where DBT was found to be effective. This does not necessarily indicate a weakness in the model itself but underscores the intensive amount of training required to deliver the services as designed. Therefore, expanding the availability of comprehensive training could be useful for community mental health organizations.

Depression makes world look Dull

Depression literally converts the world in all shades of Gray and Black

A depressed person often says that the world looks dull and gray and flowers no longer smell sweet. He might seem to speak figuratively, but now there is some truth in it. According to two recent studies conducted in Germany there are concrete evidences that sensory perception is diminished in depressed individuals.

The study was conducted by neuropsychiatrist Ludger Tebartz van Elst of the University of Freiburg. He tied up depressed patients and controlled subjects to a pattern electroretinograph which is a device to measure electrical signals in the retina. When viewing black-and-white checkerboard images, people who had depression showed lesser electrical impulses as compared to the other controlled subjects.

As per Tebartz van Elst, using this technique, it would be easy to diagnose depression without the need of the patient to open up verbally. They just need to keep their eyes  open and the test can be performed.

Top findings of this Study on Depression grays and blues


In the study below are the key findings which the scientists measured:

  1. People with major depression were not able to detect differences in black-and-white contrasts on the checkerboards.
  2. People with no depression were able to identify the changes in pattern and contrasts on checkerboard very effectively.
  3. The level of activity on the retina was lowest in the person with worst depression.
  4. The depressed patients had dramatically lower retinal responses to the varying black-and-white contrasts than healthy individuals.
  5. The results held regardless of whether patients were taking antidepressants.

The retina ECG shows the response of neurons inside the retinal cells. It is not the conscious vision, but a very much earlier response of the retina to changing patterns.

Best tips to Deal with Depression and its Gray World

Everyone wants to know the ways to get out of the blues and gray of depression and conquer it from the bottom. But, rarely, we find something which can do this miracle. Here are some tips to perform this action with ease and speed.

  1. Bond with mother nature

Do not ever underestimate the healing power of the natural world. You need to be connected to Earth and it is crucially important to restore the energy levels by staying connected.  The great outdoors is a very precious stress-free zone. Without a wifi zone, cell phones buzzing, cameras, noise, etc. all around us, we are bound to get the time of the day.

Few tips to consider is to head to a park during lunch, exercise outside rather than in a gym, and plan regular weekends away to escape the oppressive urban jungle.


  1. Turn off the TV

Switch off the idiot box to stop feeling like an idiot all the time.  TV according to many studies is like a drug which can change your brain chemistry. If you can’t stop watching TV altogether at least, try to cut down on your consumption. You should see positive, funny, uplifting or educational stuff on TV sometime, but limit that too.


  1. Get involved


There is nothing which can be achieved by sitting and cribbing about global issues and concerns at hand. There are many such issues from which you can choose one and concentrate your energy in that cause instead of putting only thoughts on multitude of issues. Dwelling on the many urgent global issues isn’t going to help you or anyone else. If you care or concern about animal cruelty, you could offer to help out at your local shelter.

So stay involved and do not doubt about the things which a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can do to change the world.

  1. Nurture yourself

Believe in yourself and always do things to reward and nurture yourself. Exercise, sleep and eat well. Do what you love. Give yourself a break. Be your own best friend. Dancing around your living room to uplifting music will give you an instant energy and endorphin boost. Sing in the shower. Smile even if you don’t feel like it.

Herbal Tonic for Fatigue- Easy and simple remedies to cure Fatigue

Before we come to know about the tonic and treatments for fatigue, let us know what fatigue is? Fatigue is a state or condition where the body is extremely tired and exhausted and demands rest at any cost. It is more or less like lethargy, where the body tends to be weak and the person feels sleepiness all the time.

There are many ways in which fatigue can be developed in the body. Few of the common ways in which fatigue develops is by Over work, Poor and less sleep, overexertion, tension, stress, nervousness etc. Fatigue can also be developed through illness or certain medication that makes the body weak. But the most important reason that causes Fatigue is STRESS.

Tonics for Fatigue Which Can Be Very Helpful In This Condition:

  1. If you are getting less sleep or are not able to sleep or wake up shortly after sleep, then drink warm milk just before going to bed.
  2. If sleep is good, but you are still feeling tired after waking up, include herbal tea in your breakfast. Also include high protein diet in your breakfast and at the same time make sure that you keep the fat level low.
  3. Instead of having coffee, prefer Green tea.
  4. Avoid heavy meals. Go for light and fat free meals.
  5. Drink lemon tea at least two to three times a day.
  6. Do a little bit work out. Instead of having dessert after meals or instead of taking rest after meals, it will be better if one goes for a walk.
  7. Also try and wake up early and do some cardio vascular exercises. Proper circulation can also heal Fatigue to a great extent.

Depression May Be Handled Through Body Psychotherapy

A well rounded process

Part of the treatment of depression involves the use of body psychotherapy. This is a procedure that has been used by many people over the years as a means of supporting the ways how the human body and its functions can influence the behaviors that someone often engages in.

This involves reviewing the many relationships that a person’s mental thoughts have with a number of different problems. This is often important as a means of helping to control the cause of depression.

What is reviewed?

The points that are reviewed in body psychotherapy involve physical motions and movements. These include ways how a person’s body moves when getting into different kinds of actions. Body language is often read as a means of seeing if there are any aggressors involved with the activities that a person is dealing with.

Emotional and verbal expressions are also reviewed. This includes seeing how tones change as one speaks.

Sexuality is even covered. This includes taking a review in body psychotherapy on how well a person is going to respond to different stimuli and if any depression symptoms may be sexual in nature.

Relationships are essential

The key that is used here involves seeing all of the relationships that deal with the body and mind that relate to different functions. The big point about body psychotherapy is that it can involve many controls that involve seeing what types of events or problems might have led to depression or other mental disorders that a person is dealing with. It is an interesting point but it may still be essential when it comes to handling the problem of depression to keep it from being worse.

This may also be used regardless of the cause of depression. This is a big part of why sexual signs are often viewed. This is used because all physical activities in life may be factors for depression.

The Use of Bionomic Psychotherapy for Depression

Studying relationships

Sometimes relationships with other people can cause depression to occur or to be worse than it could be. This is where bionomic psychotherapy may be used to help control one’s mental processes. The use of bionomic psychotherapy works to help review how well a person’s relationships are with other people.

How it is used

The process of bionomic psychotherapy involves a patient discussing relationships to a doctor. This includes all relationships that one has towards other people in all walks of life. This includes family members, people at work and neighbors among others.

The attitudes and feelings that are had towards others are discussed and reviewed. This can also include a full look at the ways how a person will feel comfortable with different people or actions in mind. In fact, some considerations that involve aggressive or sexual thoughts may be reviewed in a typical bionomic psychotherapy session to see if a person’s attitudes are too much of a risk.

The review entails results

There are many cases where a full review in bionomic psychotherapy will involve a therapist taking a look at what could be the potential problem that might have been causing the depression to occur. This includes thinking about the way how depression may be adjusted to the point where it could be risky or hard to handle because of certain people.

The key is to see if there are any certain types of people that might be controlled as a means of dealing with certain problems involving certain people in one’s life. There is a potential in bionomic psychotherapy that depression may be caused by a difficult person or group of people that someone is dealing with. Controlling relationships with certain people or even avoiding them altogether is often required in order to keep this controlled as well as possible before a person could be put at a further risk.

Bioenergetic Analysis May Work for Depression

A unique union

A vital process that is often used for controlling depression is bioenergetic analysis. This is a kind of analysis that involves the union of the mind and body together to form a fully functional union with each other. This is used to create a unique procedure that is impressive and works to help keep a person under control. It is an essential function that needs to be used and reviewed carefully when being treated for depression and many other kinds of mental disorders.

How it is reviewed

A therapist that works with bioenergetic analysis will handle different functions that relate to different kinds of points that involve the ways how a person acts. The body’s expressions will involve different meanings and some holding patterns involved. These are used to help create an idea that involves the way how the body’s energy is being used and how its feelings are being processed.

This is often used for analysis as a means of seeing if there is any sign of depressed behavior. It can also work with a discussion of the story that the client has to offer during this problem. This is an interesting point that may influence the way how the mind works.

The reviews are important

The process of a review in bioenergetic analysis is used to help determine if there are any tensions in the body as the movements are being handled. This includes any signs that suggest how a person may become depressed or irritated as a result of different problems that go on when telling one’s story. The physical movements that a person makes are often used as a means of seeing if a person needs to deal with certain controls in order to keep depression controlled. This is an interesting yet vital approach that needs to be used when finding a way to handle depression.

Brief Therapy Works for Mental Disorders in Many Cases

What this therapy is about

One unique form of therapy that can work to help control mental disorders is brief therapy. This is a kind of therapy where it focuses on a direct control of a specific problem that is causing a mental disorder to be prevalent. This works with a direct approach to help control a disorder to make it easier for a person to potentially be controlled.

The essential point about this is that it works to try and get a mental disorder reviewed and controlled sooner. This may work to help improve a person’s mental health in the long run.

Why this therapy is popular

The big point about the use of brief therapy is that it is used to help find a problem as soon as possible. This works less with the problem of a mental disorder in mind and more with controlling the cause of the problem and seeing what can be done to help with keeping it under control. This is an interesting point that shows how well a person’s mental condition can be adjusted.

Does it work?

There are some reports that suggest how brief therapy may work to help control a person’s phobia or other fear or mental disorder relating to anxiety in a week’s time. This is a great point that might be useful for anyone who needs to get a crippling mental block from taking over one’s life.

The interesting thing about brief therapy is that it may work to control depression. It is possible for depression to be controlled through brief therapy in about a month’s time. This is needed because it will work to help with improving a person’s self esteem over a good period of time. It can be used as a means of helping to keep the problem from being worse and could be used in some of the more severe cases of depression.