Tap Into the Inner Genius You Didn’t Know You Had

What is Inner Genius?

There is no place in our brain which is called Genius and you cannot find it in the scientific textbooks. We have read about individuals like Albert Einstein and Leonardo da Vinci, who’ve been popularized as genius by others. What these men have which we do not have which makes them genius? Scientists have researched that and found that few of the “genius” brains may be larger physically. In some cases like Leonardo da Vinci who could write and paint with both hands simultaneously, the explanation moved on to the lateralization of the brain functions.

Dr. Roger Sperry, Nobel Prize winner in 1981, demonstrated the independence of consciousness between the left and right brain hemispheres. Another Dr. Frederic Schiffer’s did a recent researh and wrote a book – “Of Two Minds”. The split brain has a role to play and gives lot more enigmas rather than solution.

There are few cases in which someone acquired savant syndrome and became Genius — people who spontaneously develop prodigious memories and genius level abilities. There are 32 documented cases of Acquired Savant Syndrome worldwide, where, in every case, the savant had no particular skill before the incident or accident that unleashed their inner genius.

It’s not only trauma or injury which inflicts savant syndrome, it can also be develop after other types of brain damage, such as stroke or dementia.

Special skills in acquired savants, like the unusual abilities of “natural savants” like autistic children, usually manifest as musical abilities—most often the piano with perfect pitch, arithmetic abilities, painting, drawing, sculpting, and spatial skills where the savant can construct complex accurate models or excel at direction finding and map making.

Our brain is designed to filter out unwanted details from a familiar concept.