Talk to someone!!!

OK ppl i know that a lot of you want to leave this place alot of you dont think that you can handle whatever it is that your going through but honestly suicide, cutting, puking, self-abuse is not the answer. You have to look deep in your heart and know that there is people in this world that loves you and need you to be with them. If you dont have that one person that you think you can talk to you are mistaken. There is always someone in everyones life that will be there for them even if you cant see them yet they are there. I promise. I found the people that understand me. Im a stubborn person so i hate to talk about my problems but my friends love me so they force it out of me and i know that i can go to them and cry. Even if they have never felt the i have felt they know how to make it all better. And if you are a teen you need friends the most someone to talk and if you dont think you have anyfriends go to your counsler someone but dont hold it in because it will turn in a problem that ends up 10 times worse then you wanted it to end like. How Family and Friends can help?


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