The laughter side of Life

Learn to see the lighter side of life
A sense of humor is learned, not inherited and you can sharpen your wits if you really want to, no matter what your age, sex or circumstance in life, is. Here are some of his tips for lightening up.
Be a good listener: most people are so self-absorbed they don’t pay full attention to what’s happening around them or even what’s being said for them. That’s half the trouble. Because humor is about life’s subtleties. A keen listener keeps his ear to the ground, is alert to nuances, changes in tone and actually hears what is being said.
Result: the more you hear, the wider your horizons will be and the bigger your stock of anecdotes.
Cultivate an atmosphere of humor and laughter at home
Make it a habit to daily regale your family with some thing funny that happened in the office, on your way home, or just recall something good from the past. This in turn forces you to start noticing the unusual things in a day.
Seek the right company if you don’t laugh as much as you used to and want to correct the situation, try to associate with humorous, fun loving people and avoid the downers. If you are a loner, turn to books on satire or watch comedy serials or movies, to keep your humour muscles vigorous. It’s okay even if they’re the slapstick kind.
Learn to laugh at yourself or you’ll end up handing over the job to others. Most people are unable to laugh at themselves because of their own insecurities and fears, we are afraid of looking foolish or incompetent in the eyes of others. It is important to realize that we all make mistakes and when we do, a good laugh makes the mistake seem trivial and more human.
Go back to lighthearted childhood favorites.
Watch the cartoon network once in while or just make a collage of the funniest jokes or snippets you came across, and put them up on display on the fridge or the bulletin board.
These can serve as daily reminders to laugh.
Use humor to neutralize conflicts sometimes self deprecatory humor can help lighten things up instantly. 

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