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Amy Gamble the US Hand ball star with Depression


Amy is an Olympic athlete, a former Olympic Hand Ball player from the United States team. She is educated and smart, holds a master’s degree in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix, undergraduate degree in Communication from University of Arizona. She has been into Business and Corporate world since last 20 years in which she has travelled extensively sometimes on business and sometimes on pleasure across 25 countries all over the world.

Famous quote by Amy Gamble on Bipolar Depression

"I remember looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where the Olympic Athlete went. She was still there, but I had to find her. I had to learn how to appreciate all aspects of myself — including accepting myself as someone who lives with a mental illness. Bipolar disorder is not all of who I am, but learning to live with it has impacted who I have become.”

Some personal side of Amy Gamble

Amy loves dogs and she has a recent addition to her dog kitty, by the name of Brownie! She also has a cat called Kitty, which is a black and white cat. Any has been a brilliant example of recovery from Bipolar Depression. She has learned to manage the illness and not allowed the illness to manage her instead. She took back the control of her life and always was ready to get the right and best treatment of her illness. She got good treatment form the team of professionals getting right medication and solid support.

She has been blogging about the journey and living with Bipolar Illness, under the blog - amygamble.wordpress.com.

Bipolar Depression in Amy's words

Depression and specially Bipolar runs in families and it has a strong connect with the family history. She thought that she is not risk and that according to her is a big mistake. You are highly vulnerable if you have some family history of the illness. Her mother and one of her sisters were diagnosed with bipolar in 1984-1985. Scientists although could not prove so far that bipolar has hereditary connection, but she could not agree more with this fact now.

The first signs of depression which she remembers is a severe episode of when she was in high school. She began to have symptoms of depression where she was sleeping much longer, losing all her interest in normal day to day activities, isolated herself and was unable to concentrate. Now I know it was bipolar depression, although at that time, I was not sure what it was.

She has recovered from this bout and went to Tennessee for freshman year. The thoughts of depression went worse in the sophomore year, where she was struggling with waking up daily and often cried on bed having lot of suicidal thoughts. She quit her school and went to a college near to her parents.

After suffering from Depression and still able to complete college, University, playing in a Olympic team of Handball, working in Corporate world for more than 20 years is quite an achievement and an example to follow for all those people who suffer from this illness of Bipolar. It is treatable and can be cured by right medication and support. Ask for support and stay focussed in treating yourself. You deserve it.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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