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Carrie Fisher and her Mental Illness

Millions of Americans are unwilling to ask for help or admit that they are suffering because of the stigma surrounding mental illness. And according to the research upwards of 54 million Americans are estimated to have some kind of mental disorder each year, and only about eight million seek help. Recently at the Erasing the Stigma Leadership Awards Carrie Fisher was honored for their commitment to speaking the truth about her mental illness, Carrie Fisher has braved national scrutiny to share her story to provide a well-lit path for others who also suffer from mental illness.

Depression prevailance in Modern world

According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH), more than two million adult Americans are affected specifically by manic depression and the manic depression, referred to in psychiatry as bipolar disorder, is a treatable mental illness. Typically, those who are suffering from the disorder alternate between periods of mania and depression. These includes the changes in mood, thought, and action can last for hours, days, weeks, or even months. "Manic depression is characterized by lows in which a person is depressed, sometimes to the point of being suicidal," says a prominient doctor at Community Mental Health Center. Carrie Fisher was also suffering such type of mental illness.

How Fisher evolved through Depression

Fisher said that “mental illness like it’s not a part of the body,” and the widespread misconception that mental illnesses and the various symptoms associated with them such as depression, hallucination, erratic behavior, to name a few are the result of personal weakness or moral failing is categorically false. But the truth is that the Mental illnesses are serious medical conditions with physiological roots, namely chemical imbalances in the brain, and this includes schizophrenia, severe depression and bipolar disorder are all diseases of the brain.

Carrie Fisher spoke at Ohio State with news correspondent about her struggles with mental illness and drug abuse. Fisher taking the treatment and she said that, despite the short-term memory loss associated with the treatment, shock therapy helped her to get her life back on track. By shedding a comic light on the taboo subject of mental illness, Fisher bravely shows her own battle scars, the ups and downs in her tragic-comic love life, and uneven professional success.

Carrie Fisher has fought with Depression effectively

Carrie Fisher, who is most known for her Star Wars role as Princess Leia, has battled drug addiction and bipolar disorder. Fisher has spoken openly about her that, “I am mentally ill. I can say that. I am not ashamed of that.”

Through a TV show Carrie Fisher guides viewers through the lives of individuals dealing with a wide spectrum of afflictions and addictions. The actress Carrie Fisher shows how she wrangles her many moods. Fisher is up-front about her manic behavior but she doesn't seem any crazier than the rest of us, she pulls out her medications. She takes nearly two dozen pills a day, but with her efforts she blew off her daytime dosages and her manic side drives her to impulses, and as she notes, "Impulses become edicts from the Vatican."

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