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Does Mel Gibson suffering from a severe bipolar disorder?


What Mel Gibson is going through?

Some of his brushes with the law might have been the result of his mental illness and showing that he is really suffering from an identifiable mental illness that may be the bipolar disorder. In a 2002 and 2008 documentary, Gibson himself said that he had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Some of his rage-filled behavior is consistent with that of a person who has bipolar disorder.

The celebrity Mel Gibson was in the front-page news because of his voicemails to his ex-girlfriend continue to be leaked to the Internet, and those voice mail purportedly of the Hollywood star threatening his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva. "I think he's got some very serious psychological problems. I think he's dangerous at this point. This goes beyond just a bad relationship. Even if he's been drinking, that's too much” says a psychotherapist who specializes in arguments.

A major publication in a publication exclusively reported that during Mel Gibson’s epic custody battle with his ex-girlfriend and baby, he is looking like he is suffering from severe bipolar disorder. Gibson is audibly panting in the recordings, a classic indication of a panic attack and these calls are obsessional.

Some Symptoms of Bipolar Disorder

According to the research the people suffering from bipolar disorder can experience poor judgment, rapid speech, aggressive behavior, agitation, irritation like that, and those disorder symptoms has been found in Mel Gibson. The disorder can be treated with medication.

In a recording, Gibson blows a gasket during a disagreement with someone, who was at the Hollywood actor's Costa Rica vacation home.

Mel Gibson Sounds out of breath

Being out of breath is not a symptom of many mental health concerns it most usual panic disorder. The people who have been drinking alcohol or under the influence of drugs may often find themselves at increased risk for respiratory distress. If you listen his voicemail then you hear a man who is greatly upset by perceived behaviors and actions of his now ex-girlfriend. Such discrepancy in perspective or connection to reality can be a sign of a psychotic break but it’s not a typically a bipolar disorder.

Opinion of Psychiatrist about Mel Gibson

A leading psychiatrist and founder of Institute for Neuropsychiatry told to the News channel that "these episodes of rage followed by apparently normal periods in between" are "a classic symptom of bipolar disorder," but the channel also consulted another experts and they have cracked this theory. Another psychologist says the tapes instead suggest "a sociopathic kind of personality, with absolutely no remorse and no ability to have sympathy for someone in pain." "Mel Gibson: Mentally ill or maybe just a jerk?" And not suffering from Bipolar Disorder.

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