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Oliver Bone - Canadian sailing star with Depression


Oliver Bone is a Canadian Sailor. He was born on April 29, 1981 in Montreal. Bone started sailing at the age of seven and had been competing full-time since 2003. He has pushed himself a lot physically, financially and mentally to qualify for the Olympics. He is affiliated t the RNSYS, Halifax (CAN) and been popular during the early professional years for his sailing skills.

What according to Oliver is sailing for him?

As per Oliver, if you are on the water sailing, you feel the freedom and you are all in your fight against the nature. A complete and fulfilling feeling. He has been working really hard for the Olympics for which he qualified in 2008, but later fell to the spiralling path of depression and mental illness.
Things took a winding down turn an he went deep into depression. According to him, the pinnacle of all sports, the Olympics was there and according to him, that took a lot of anxiety and depression in him. He has put all what he has for the fight for his Olympic candidature.

Some of his professional achievements

  1. He represented Canada in the 470 class 2004-2011
  2. He has coached doubled handed youth sailors 2009-present
  3. He was the volunteer for coaching the women’s sailing in Halifax
  4. He coached multiple youth teams and programs
  5. Spoke at many sailing schools about passion for sailing

What is the pain of depression for Oliver Bone

Bone told that it is very much tougher to deal with a psychological problem. If you have some broken bone, it is very much obvious that you are hurt and need help. But if you having mental illness, the taboo associated is very high and it makes it harder to talk about and ask for help. There are assumption which people carry in the whole world that the person with depression is emotionally, mentally weak and cannot take responsibilities. This is not helpful as well as false.

You just cannot avoid depression like an accident which just happened causing a leg fracture. You can after that be resilient and pursue your career, that is the best you can do for yourself.

Oliver retired in June 2011 after spiralling into depression after his appearance in Olympics. He came to learn about depression in his class on depression in employees while studying at SMU. This opened him towards his feelings and mental state. He was able to acknowledge his issues and then asked for help. Bone is now working in depression research work in athletes. Bone is right now whole heartedly finishing his studies at The Saint Mary’s University. All the best and keep up Oliver.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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