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Dyslexia Symptoms


  • Late walking and talking.
  • Difficulty repeating what is said to them.
  • Difficulty putting their thoughts on paper.
  • Ambiguity over left and right.
  • Difficulty understanding or remembering what is said to them.
  • Has difficulty processing complex language or long series of instructions at speed.
  • Poor listening abilities, limited concentration span and tiring easily.
  • Reversing letters or words when spelling words that are presented orally.
  • Difficulty with Maths
  • Difficulty with Handwritting

Diagnosing Dyslexia

The Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment For Reading Difficulties Module identifies a wide range of reading difficulties and determines where the reading process is breaking down. Analysis of the pattern of performance in a very powerful tool used to identify a variety of reading problems that range from a general poor reading skill to inconsistent reading due to attention deficit problems.

Learning Disorders

Dyslexia - Dyslexia Symptom
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

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