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GOD help those who help themselves. This is an old saying. This is true. But there are other dimension to it. We also need to help people who are not able to help themselves on their own. So depression help is needed for people around you who are living in darkness. Use the tips and techniques below to help people and help yourself.

At depression-guide, we offer help in the following ways to help our esteemed visitors who in the search of support and empathy, trying to visit different online resources.  

  • Our site contain useful information about depression and related disorders in easily comprehensible and friendly language.
  • We have also provided people with different means of interacting with other people who are all on the same boat by the means of "SUPPORT FORUM" and blog. Gain hope and inspiration. Read others' stories or share your experiences.
  • You can buy books by different known people in our custom and hand-picked bookstore where we have kept selected books from amazon.
  • We have another section on quotable quotes which will inspire you to get the best out of this precious "one life" which GOD has given us.

Providing support for someone with depression can be difficult. It is not always easy to know what to say and do, or to be a companion to someone who is experiencing severe depression. People providing support often need support themselves. The most productive way to assist a depressed person, is to help him or her get appropriate treatment.

Depression Guide is devoted towards offering people with depression information about the options available so that they can work with their doctor to make an informed decision about their own treatment.

Remember, a physician or mental health professional is most often your best source for information on clinical depression and available treatment options.

If you or someone you know has ongoing thoughts of death or suicide or if a suicide attempt has been made, contact a doctor, go to a hospital emergency room immediately or call 1-800-273-TALK. See the list of SUICIDE HELPLINE

thanks for the great information, excellent web site, I am researching depression for a my assignment.
---sandra dayman

I've suffered from depression for around 3 years with many ups and downs. what has helped me the most is the support of others. I think the most helpful is to reach out to others if u suspect they may be suffering from depression, and ask how u can be of help. Many who suffer from depression, especially severe depression don't have the energy to reach out, may feel that no one cares and may be contemplating suicide, so who cares anyhow? - Joy

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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