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How to Get Rid of Anxiety?


Restlessness, fatigue, irritability, headaches, shortness of breath these are the symptoms of anxiety. Emotions are very big cause for anxiety. social anxiety is that traumatic stressful events in life.Venlafaxine is the helps relieve anxiety and depression. vitamin B-3 and vitamin C is so effective for anxiety. Just avoid the sugar and reduce anxiety symptoms.

Anxiety and stress it can be controlled and you have the gain energy it yourself . This is the part of your life will be influenced dramatically. The gaze is very used to social anxiety. Emotional and physical symptoms show your ability to function in your daily life activities. Anxiety disorder it can be nasty and devastating. .The music is various cause for the anxiety . Cedar wood oil is the powerful alternative medicine of anxiety. The most of symptoms in anxiety is stress, sleep,tiredness,relationship and many more symptoms in anxiety. Just sit in comfortable position and close your eyes, take breath slowly and deeply and relax your body. Therapy is a alternative treatment of anxiety sweating. stop drinking coffee and tea the anxiety it was reduced by 80% within a week. The nicotine is very dangerous because it is straightaway in your bloodstream and from there is circulated to the brain. Exercise should be must in anxiety disorder.

Causes of Anxiety

Stress is basic reason of anxiety.A liitle bit nervousness before exam or when you are going to meet a new person. Tension of work, study are also causes of the anxiety. Relationship problems are big issue for the anxiety. A feeling of fear, uncomfortness, embarrassment, unsafety, lonelyness are more common causes of the anxiety. everyone of us is suffering from such kind of things. A busy schudule, time consumption, work stress causes the anxiety. there are also some biological causes including vitamin B dificiency, obsessive compulsive disorders, post traumatic stress disorders. mostly a younger people are suffering from this disease. individual and chemical imbalances occurs in brain and anxiety. Anxiety is the response of fear in the body. Physical or mental feelings are the causes of the anxiety.Multiple causes are suspected like early growth and developement, later life experienceanf genetic make-up.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Panic attack is violent experience. It is result of tension, fear and loosing something. Irrational fear rise the level of panic attack in response to specific situation. Social phobic relay on drinks and drugs to be relax in social situation. Though a little anxiety is not a bad thing but we have to take care of it at the earlier time. GAD means generalized Anxiety Disorder is related to a finance problem. Worry about finances afterloosing a job or your health, starting chest pain. GAD is about chronic, excessive worry that occurs suddenly. It occurs at normal level and problem becomes severe. Panic attack is areal illness including sweatiness, weakness, faintness, or dizziness. This attack occurs any time any where.

  • Financial Condition: Today's people are stressed of financial problems. Taking loan or borrowed money to satisfy the needs is part of their problem. It gives more stress to the people. So you have to keep budget plan of your spending.
  • Health Problems : Do check up of your health regularly. Do not let you for overweight or underweight. Keep doing regular exercise.
  • Social life : You have to maintain your social life. Keep balance in social life. Keep away yourself from bad habits like smoking and drinking. Increase your status in your friend circle.

Home remedies of Anxiety

Firstly make a list of things which you are feared from. Try to behave opposite in that situation of fear. keep a note of things which keep you calm.Meditation is the best option for the anxiety. Keep doing exercise regularly. It helps to maintain your blood pressure normal. Flower remedy can cure a crisis or panic attack. A lavender essences oil is useful for more calming and soothing effects. Holding a pet can also help. Self help support and sharring problems with your friends or family members will also help to cure anxiety. Mutual understanding and adjustment with you life partner is also important.

Preventation of Anxiety

Keep strong will power, stamina and determination to change and make your life positive. Try to live healthier life. Avoid smoking, drinking, booze, late night parties. Keep yourself busy in your work It will help you to minimize your lonelyness. Proper execises are useful for getting free from stress. Atmosphere around you is responsible in much manner for this problem. It brings changes in your body and thoughts. So you have to change your thinking way. Second important factor is family. It must be supportive. Avoid caffeine, certain illicit drugs, over-the-counter cold medications. Check your medicine from your doctor and pharmasists. Internet use should be in limit. talking with trusted person also gives you support.

How to cure Anxiety?

There are various types for curing anxity. Proper medical Treatment is best way to cure this problem. Another is yoga , meditation, exercise, positive thinking. Physiocial theropy is important factor in treatment of anxiety. People with anxiety disorder who have already received treatment must give the details to current doctor. Antidepressient is also effective for anxiety disorder. Cognitive Behavioral therapy is effective for GAD patients. NIMH supports to anxiety disorder and mental condition.

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