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Keep Your Nose From Looking Too Big


A foundation is needed

Your nose is important to your face. However, it can be too large in some cases. It might take away from other parts of your face and can be easily distracting. This is where a few ideas can work for helping you to get rid of your big nose. The first idea is to work with the right makeup for the job.

A good foundation can work on your face to minimize the appearance of your nose. A color that is darker than what you use on a regular basis can work in this case. This will help you to get the curves around the face to be naturally highlighted over other points on the face. This may work to not only take away from your nose but to also get your nose to match up with the rest of the face in terms of its intensity.

Makeup on the nose

Some makeup can work on the nose itself. A contour of color should work at the sides of the nose. A light tip of color can also work at the tip of the nose. This can be used to create a narrower base that will not look as large as it normally would. You might want to add a blusher to the middle part to make the nose look narrow and to increase the attention given to the middle part of the nose.

Matching the eyes with Nose

You can even match your nose up with the eye shadow that you are wearing. This may be used to get you to have your eyes and nose targeted when getting makeup ready. This might be used to keep your nose from being too pronounced. This is so people can pay attention to all of the points on your nose and not just on a few points around the area.

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