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Calm Down Your Charlie Horse


How is Charlie Horse caused?

A Charlie horse is a very difficult concern for you to watch for. This involves a case where you can suffer from a very substantial cramp in your leg. This can make it tough for you to use your leg for anything. It can be caused by a contusion or bruise in the area. Swelling, pain and tenderness in the area can occur.

Preventing the problem of Charlie Horse

One good idea to get rid of a Charlie horse is to consider avoiding a Charlie horse in the first place. You can do this by keeping hydrated often so you can feel more comfortable. You can also work to stretch your muscles before they are going to be exercised. This can help you to keep from dealing with any substantial problems in the legs.

It also helps to consume more magnesium in a diet. This can work to get the body to absorb calcium. This will help to keep calcification from occurring. This is another cause of a Charlie horse that can be painful. It can cause tissues to become hard due to calcium buildups getting into an area around the leg and causing some substantial pains.

Treating the Charlie Horse

The next idea involves icing the area. Ice can be applied to the leg in order to get this problem eased as quickly as possible. This will help to dull the pain and to get the area from dealing with any further spasms.

Elevation is important for the leg in this case. You can remove a Charlie horse by elevating the leg and keeping the leg from being too weak or sore. Bending the leg for a period of time will help you to ensure that blood can flow towards the heat, thus helping to ensure that you are going to get your leg to feel easy and less painful.

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