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How to Remove Dry Elbows?


Prevent them from occurring

Dry elbows are difficult things to see. They are bruised elbows that can feel rough over time. They can be treated with a few ideas though. The first idea involves using some preventative measures.

A good option to consider involves avoiding too much pressure on your elbows. Dry elbows are often caused by pressure from bending your elbows too much or placing them down on hard surfaces over time. You should ease up on your elbows and also keep them from being on hard surfaces in order to ensure that your elbows can heal.

Applications to use

There are some other options to use alongside preventative measures to get rid of dry elbows. An exfoliating cream can work on your elbows to remove dead skin cells. This can help you to get your elbows to feel more comfortable and flexible. A moisturizer can be added with this cream to make the elbows feel more comfortable. You can work with something like a healthy aloe vera substance to get your elbows handled well.

You might even use something that is thicker like Crisco to handle your dry elbows. You should use elbow protectors overnight to get this to soak into your elbows. This will help you to get your elbows to be well protected over time. You can then wash everything off in the morning as long as everything has soaked into your elbows over the entire night.

What is a loofah?

A loofah may also work to get your dry elbows healed. A loofah is a soft and comfortable bath towel that can be applied to help you feel more comfortable and to get old skin cells to be removed from your area. A loofah may also be used to keep you from suffering from excessively dry skin. This will help you to keep your elbows handled.

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