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Hang Up Your Hangnails


What are Hangnails?

A hangnail is a piece of skin between your cuticle and your nail. It can be very sensitive and can cause you to feel pain when it rubs off on different types of areas. It can be caused by dry skin or improper nail care in a number of cases. You can get a hangnail cleared up with a few ideas in mind to help with keeping the area protected and cleaned up.

Cut the skin

You can cut the dry skin off with a pair of fingernail cutters. Nail scissors can help you to remove the dry skin and get your hangnail to be removed manually. You will need to get the scissors to work with alcohol along it to ensure that infections are not going to occur in the impacted area. It will be smart to focus on this when getting a hangnail taken care of as soon as possible.

Soaking helps

You can also soak your nails to get rid of hangnails. You can soak them in water or oil for about fifteen minutes. You can then get lotion onto the tips of your fingers. This will be used to relax the skin and to keep the hangnail from being more harmful than it could be.

Be sure to stay clean

Be sure to also keep your treated area clean. This is so an infection will not occur in the area. An infection will be created when the hangnail area becomes red and even has pus inside of it. The infection should be treated in the event that it appears by using an anti-bacterial lotion covered around the area. It should be covered to ensure that the substance will actually work properly and without any problems. This can help you to keep your skin smooth without worrying about any other problems that might build up with improper care.

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