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Self Help Leaflets - Depression - Fight with the Blues


Depression is Treatable. Remember – Depression can be treated, just reach out to right help and treatment.

What is Depression?

Feeling of sadness, disappointment, bereaving are some of the common human emotions. They are present in each and every individual on earth. This is not depression.

Then what is Depression? It is definitely not just feeling bad or having blues. It is much worse and intense. Depression is a feeling, always intense and prolonged in nature, of hopelessness, sadness, disappointment over a very long period of time – running for years together.

It is a dangerous illness since it can impact the person in question as well as people around him/her. The whole family suffers the changes in behavior and routine. There is a strong need to understand the symptoms of depression better. Follow the checklist below to interpret the presence of depression in yourself or someone you care about.

Symptom Checklist for Depression

  1. I feel sad and lonely within all the time.
  2. I think life is hopeless and I should end it.
  3. There is no interest which I take in daily activities.
  4. I cannot make decisions and concentrate on tasks.
  5. There is noticeable change in my weight and appetite.
  6. I cannot fall and stay asleep easily since long time.
  7. I all the time feel laziness and lethargic.
  8. I am irritated, frustrated and annoyed all the time.

If you have checked 5 of the above symptoms and these are present in your since last 3-4 weeks, it’s time to go to your doctor and seek advice and help. You may be suffering from depression. This is not a perfect diagnosis, but an indicative diagnosis. The right diagnosis can only be given by registered medical practitioner only.

Prolonged depression leads to suicidal thoughts in sufferers. Remember – Depression is treatable – the key is to seek early help!!

Myths and Facts about Depression

There are some challenges in the treatment of depression. People just are not ready to accept it and then opt for its treatment. There are too much myths associated with depression. Below are some of them.

  1. What will people think? They will think I am weak once they know about my depression.
    Fact: Depression is a mental illness like any other physical illness. It is an imbalance in certain brain chemicals which causes this illness. It can be treated.
  2. Depression cannot be treated.
    Fact: With modern techniques, medicines, therapies, social groups, etc. depression has become treatable. The time of treatment can vary with each individual, but all can lead a normal life with early treatment.
  3. Depression is not a medical condition.
    Fact: Depression is very well a medical condition of the brain which leads to the symptoms it carries.
  4. Talking about depression will make it worse.
    Fact: Talking is not there to make it worse. It in fact makes depression reduce its intensity. Talking paves way for airing out the concerns, problems, issues, etc. It helps in finding the right solution and everything can be arranged to be kept confidential.
  5. Treating depression needs prolonged hospitalization.
    Fact: Not all cases need hospitalization. Very severe cases need that. Else depression is treated in a outpatient facility or by your family doctor at home.
  6. People think I am lazy and not depressed.
    Fact: Depression takes the toll on the energy levels and interest levels of the person. This should not be misunderstood with laziness or unwillingness.
Have patience with all things, but chiefly have patience with yourself. Do not lose courage in considering your own imperfections but instantly set about remedying them.