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Examination Anxiety Leaflet - Keep away the exam anxiety


Success is not judged by what one has accomplished. What matters is the opposition one has encountered, the courage one has shown in their struggle against all the odds.

Feeling anxious and worried when the examinations are approaching is quite normal and obvious. We are worried about results, how will we perform, our future, etc. A little amount of anxiety and stress is good for you and your subsequent exams, which prepares you for the tests you are going to appear in. But if, this worry and anxiousness is too much, then it causes issues and problems for you. What is the real cause of anxiety when the exam is near? If you can learn this, you can wade off this fear within you and will be able to manage exams very effectively.

Out of the two exam related anxiety and reaction, the normal reaction is good for you, the irrational reaction is not good. This involves feeling a lot anxious, although you have prepared for the exams adequately.

Symptoms of Incorrect Anxiousness for exams

If you are struggling from anxiety then you would be facing the following symptoms whenever you go through examination or tests or if you are in any stressful situation.

  1. Stomach troubles
  2. Tense muscles
  3. Perspiration and sweaty palms
  4. Increased heart beat and blood pressure.

There are few other challenges you face while you are anxious and appearing in the exams. These are – you feel difficulty in reading and understanding the questions, you cannot organize your thoughts, you cannot identify the meaning of the paragraph or concept of questions/keywords.

Always focus on what can be done in any situation, rather than thinking - what will happen if, what if and if only.

Preparation is the key, although sometime, the nature of being anxious overcomes the benefits of preparation as well, in extreme cases.

Failure does not define you and your worth. The biggest room in the whole world is the room for improvement.

How to Reduce the Examination Stress?

Follow the Preparation, Attitude and Taking Care regime. It is also known as the PAT regime.

  1. Preparation is the key to success and wading off Anxiety. "Yesterday I struggle and today I win!!" Manage your time efficiently and effectively
    • Study wisely and utilize the time to study the relevant points and concepts. You can concentrate on making to-the-point notes, revising complex lessons, etc.
    • For the modules which are graded on assignments, complete them on time.
    • Get help from teachers, friends, and peer group for the chapters which are difficult for you to comprehend and understand.
    • Split your whole course into smaller units and prepare the timetable to complete them week by week. Follow the timetable and make changes to it, if needed, as you proceed.
  2. Utilize the Examination Week Realistically
    • Check the sections of your course which are weighted very much – in the range of more than 50%.
    • Follow through your own notes which you have prepared while preparing for exams earlier.
    • Take breaks in between your studies and let the information digest in your brain. Do not just study with any breaks at all.
    • Use memory aids and mnemonics/acronyms.
    • Avoid last minute revision or check. Stop studying the night before examination and have a good sound sleep. You need to prepare your body as well for the exams.
  3. Attitude is needed to tell yourself, you can and you will succeed. If you think like a winner, you can be a winner. Carry the Attitude of winning. Keep up your faith on yourself and carry a positive attitude.
    • Aren’t the examinations an opportunity to know and test how much you know? It gives you the positive challenge to excel in life. Wear this thought and you will have no severe anxiety whatsoever.
    • Avoid being negative in thoughts – you have done with your preparations and you are prepared it well. So do not think, you will not succeed, just stay away from these thoughts.
    • Set a reward for yourself for doing the best you can.
    • You have succeeded in past and this time is no different. Remember this.
  4. Take care of your body and health Healthy mind lies in a healthy body. Do not be boxed, else you get no brightness. Maintain good health and follow right routine
    • Take adequate sleep – 8 hours a day
    • Eat well balanced diet
    • Do not eat junk and make your stomach upset
    • Do minimal daily exercise. Although not too heavy. Just make it right so that you are energized and refreshed.
    • Pursue some relaxing activities during examination times – at least once a week – like dancing, yoga, music, cooking, etc.
    • Chip off a nice treat for you once you complete an important or very complex chapter or module in your curriculum of examination.

At the end, it’s the efforts which matters, but not the grades you got.

Success is not measured by what you accomplish, but by the opposition you have encountered, and the courage with which you have maintained the struggle against overwhelming odds.