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Way out of Excessive Anxiety - Helping you in Daily Life


Am I mad or I have Anger Disorder? Why I am always worried and concerned about every damn thing which happens in life? The answer to this question was just one – I had Excessive Anxiety!!

Anxiety is our body’s natural reaction towards anything away from usual or normal. Whether it is an important occasion or a stressful situation, Anxiety is bound to show us its face. Few examples of this type of situations are marriage, job change, birth of a baby, examinations, presentation at office and shifting of house. Truly speaking a little anxiety is good to have as it contributes towards staying alert and motivated for facing these situations in life. You are on your toes to do whatever it takes in such situation. This is done by the anxiety you are carrying during that times.

Almost everyone in the world, from all age groups and ethnicity, experiences anxiety from time to time. It however, can become harmful and create problems when it interferes with the daily activities in life. Excessive anxiety may make you crippled and you feel trapped or depressed. Too dangerous situation to be in!

Certain myths and corresponding facts about Anxiety

  1. You should ignore the initial symptoms of excessive anxiety. It will be best to handle it like this.
    Fact: Closing your eyes towards problem will not be helping you. Excessive anxiety affects your life and you should consult a doctor.
  2. “You lack self control”. This is what people think about you, if you seek help for anxiety.
    Fact: Although a person appears to lose self control while experiencing excessive anxiety, he can still control the thoughts and actions. Doctors can teach you to change the thinking pattern and help control anxiety.
  3. I cannot tell why and how I become anxious excessively. How will I explain it to the doctor?
    Fact: It is not important for the doctor to know why and how you feel excessive anxiety. You need to get help from doctor to control your symptoms and stop it from impacting your life.
  4. If you can avoid certain situations, you can control the excessive anxiety symptoms.
    Fact: Well, avoiding stuff can make you feel more anxious. Just train yourself up by going to registered practitioner and they will make you control your feelings yourself, without avoiding.
  5. Anxiety is not a medical condition. So it does not need a doctor’s opinion.
    Fact: Excessive anxiety is also known as anxiety disorder and it is a serious medical condition. You should seek help early in order to lead a normal and healthy life.
  6. Anxiety treatment will need hospitalization or may be an asylum visit, as an inpatient.
    Fact: Not everyone needs hospitalization. Almost 80% treatments of excessive anxiety are done as outpatient techniques in clinics or hospitals.

Anxiety Symptoms Checklist

Below are some of the symptoms of excessive anxiety. Use this checklist to find out your situation. If you experience most of the symptoms given below for more than 6 months, you might be suffering from Anxiety Disorder. You should immediately go to your doctor for help and advice.

  1. I cannot stop worrying about small things.
  2. I feel muscle stretching and tingling sensation.
  3. I always feel something will happen to me/my family.
  4. I am usually panting while being frightened.
  5. I have issue in sleeping and cannot just go to sleep.
  6. I have intense and frequent headaches.
  7. I just cannot relax a bit.
  8. I have trembling and sweating hands.
  9. I lack concentration on my tasks.
  10. I feel tired too much all the time.
  11. I get irritated very soon in any situation.