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All about Self Esteem - You are very special


I often asked myself, why it is always me who suffer. Why I am not able to live like others do? Then I bumped upon the term Self Esteem and I instantly knew why I was suffering.

What is Self Esteem?

Self Esteem is all about how you feel about yourself. What is the value of yourself in your own eyes is what self esteem is. How we feel about ourselves along with the values, thoughts, attitude, and belief we hold defines our inclination towards low self esteem or high self esteem.

Here are some typical characteristics of people with Healthy Self Esteem:

  1. Self confidence and positive outlook towards life is present in people with healthy self esteem. It should not be over confidence which leads to mishaps. It is the right confidence which make it healthy.
  2. The person accepts how he or she is. They do not worry about any comparisons that are made.
  3. They accept the life as it is and believe that all the challenges can be dealt with. All that is needed is positive outlook.

Now here are the characteristics of Low self-esteem:

  1. The outlook towards life is negative.
  2. Achievements are often overlooked and the focus is always on wrongdoings and faults.
  3. The person feels that they have no control over life and its happenings. They feel the life is very complicated and often deter with smallest of challenges life poses towards them.

Why I need Healthy Self Esteem?

Self Esteem has a great impact on our daily lives. It can impact each and every aspect of our behavior, attitude, actions, beliefs, thoughts and choices we make. It can change the way we perform at our school or office and it can change how we relate to our family and friends.

So the change is all the life spheres. The choices we have and the actions we take have huge impact on the outcome of our life. All of these things are controlled by self esteem we carry.

A low self esteem person lacks confidence and due to this, they feel they cannot take up the challenges thrown by life. This further leads to dissatisfaction and eventually anxiety and depression. It is really important to let the person with low self esteem know the importance of this concept of life.

Tips to build healthy Self Esteem

Apply the following simple tips to succeed in life and carry a healthy self esteem.

  1. Accept yourself - You are God’s creation and you should accept how you are. Always appreciate what you have and what you are. Find your own weaknesses and strengths. Focus on your strengths and try to improve them further. You should be confident on your capabilities and know your weaknesses in order to manage your actions and reactions towards life challenges.
  2. Strive to Meet your Goals – Do you have ever thought what you want in your life? If no, think towards that. Set up goals for your life and work hard towards achieving them. The best way to move is to break your goal into small steps which are achievable. Complete these steps and you will slowly move towards your goal. Doing this will make you feel a greater sense of self esteem.
  3. Failures cannot be avoided, so accept them – In a race, you are bound to face competition. You sometimes win and sometimes lose. Do not make the failures in life deter you or set you back. Failures are in other words, opportunities to improve you and grow.
  4. Fight Negative thoughts in yourself – Don’t let the negative thoughts lower your self esteem. Replace these thought with positive ones like – if you feel that you are worthless, replace them by saying, you are valuable person with unique qualities.

You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.

Misconceptions about Self Esteem

  1. Looks, popularity and wealth helps in boosting the self esteem.
    Fact: The feeling of self confidence and positive attitude towards life do not come from the looks, popularity and wealth. They are the qualities of life which come from deep within us, not from the factors as stated. There are many celebrities who have wealth, looks and popularity, but they still resort to drugs and depression.
  2. If others approve, then only you can feel right self esteem.
    Fact: Again, the feeling of self esteem is not exterior. It comes from deep within you. Self esteem is how much you value yourself in your own eyes and not in others eyes. Receiving negative feedback and often criticized should not change the person’s own beliefs and values. If the person changes them to adapt to others, the self esteem will suffer.
Changing the way you think about yourself is not an easy task. You need perseverance and patience. With determination, you would be able to build healthy self esteem. Kudos to yourself!!