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How to Get Rid of Edward's Syndrome


The Edward's syndrome, which got its name after the famous doctor, Dr. John Edward, is a genetic chromosomal disorder caused by an error in cell division resulting on additional third chromosome 18. Edward's syndrome, a result of one of the genetic disorders and most common after Down syndrome, occurs in approximately one among 3000 to 6000 births.

Cells of human body contain 23 pairs of chromosomes which they inherit from their parents. Human reproductive cells, the sperm cells in male and ovum in females each have 23 individual chromosomes, known as XX in females and XY in males and number one through 22. The extra material from chromosome 18 obtained after fertilization of the egg is responsible for causing Edward's syndrome.

Cause of Edward's Syndrome

Trisomy 18. Majority of Edward's syndrome falls in this category. In a situation, where all cells of individual contains additional chromosome 18, is known as trisomy 18.

Symptom of Edward's Syndrome

  • Growth Deficiency,
  • Abnormal skull shape and facial features,
  • Clenched hands,
  • Rocker bottom feet,
  • Cardiac and renal abnormalities

Treatment of Edward's Syndrome

There is no specific and known treatment for Edward's Syndrome. The symptoms caused by Edward's syndrome are also manageable up to some extent.

  • Edward's syndrome may cause breathing and feeding difficulties and if proper assistance is offered to these babies, some of the babies may overcome these initial difficulties.
  • Some children may have heart problem and difficulty in gaining weight.
  • A perfect nutritional diet may be suitable for these children.
  • The survival rate of infants having Edward's syndrome is extremely low.
  • Almost half the babies die before birth and a large percentage of infant's dies within one year of birth.
  • Most of the deaths are caused by heart abnormalities and apnea.
  • There are some reported cases of children living above 10 years of age.

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