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Life Issues and the Problems in Life


Who in this world is not confronting the issues? Everyone in this world is, together with any other person, is faced by the issues, be it simple or complex, health related or relationship related, boss related or spouse related, kids related or parents related. Follow through the section below wherein we will take you through some of the different aspects of life and how they can be dealt with.

But here's the good news: you can feel better and you're not alone. Read on to learn more about the life challenges, what you can do to help yourself, and how to reach out and talk about tough subjects with your friends and family members.

But there are certain common things which we can draw about the issues. The issues are there to test our water. They are there to make up one step more stronger and one step more sharper. Most of these issues apart from those which we are born with or cannot do anything for, arise because we do not think and provide forethought to situations properly. Do you agree or disagree?


Britney Spears - She had a tough time dealing with her tantrums & behaviour related issues.

Michael Phelps - As in the case of Michael Phelps, the children with ADHD...medication and behavioral therapy.

Jim Carrey - Jim Carry had suffered from ADHD in childhood.

Princess Diana - Celebrity of international repute because of her fund-raising work for international charities.

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School bullying - How to identify and help protect your child against bullying in school.

Emotional Bullying - What to do if someone putting you down.

Relationship Bullying - To reduce bullying, we must promote healthy, non-abusive relationships.

Bullying in the Workplace - Whether your co-worker or your boss, can make your work life miserable.

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Math Phobia- How to reduce math anxiety, Does math make you anxious? Anxiety Phobia- Avoid things that make us uncomfortable, challenging situations of life.
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Health Care

Benefits of Drinking Milk - Milk has several nutrients which help skin look its best.

Caffeine Effects on Human Body Headache, nausea, anxiety, etc have been shown as symptoms of caffeine consumption.

Health Care During Heavy Menstruation - Women who lose 5 to 6 tablespoons of blood have heavy Menstruation.

Ways of Weight Loss - Treat high-calorie foods as jewels in the crown.

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Skin Disorders

Athlete's Foot - Read about treatment, symptoms, home remedy, prevention, and signs. Bowens Disease - Slow-growing and red, scaly skin patch, most commonly found on the lower leg.
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What are life issues?

Life issues if we generalize and provide it a definition, are the common problems, concerns, issues, crises, etc which can happen to normal like you and me, living very normal lives.

Some of the different examples, but not limited to this set, includes how we are doing in our relationships which keeps them healthy and always working, disabilities of any type, living and coping with grief, loss and esteem/ego related concerns. Phew, there are lot many, but, lets us start and analyze very few of them, by going through them. The list of issues will go in hundreds for 1 person, they can be hundreds of billions for everyone on the earth kept together.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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