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Alright, we are out with the 3rd Edition of the Depression Guide magazine. The magazine is up for grab and you can download your own copy to read at leisure. Yes, it is again with no cost - no frills. The "All about living with depression" magazine includes but not restricted to the following:
  • Real people interviews - It has real people stories about suffering and recovering from different mental illnesses..
  • Best updates from the health and social care world.
  • Latest and greatest news and research in the field of Mental health and depression.
  • Some of the self help tips for the people who are living with this illness.

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  The gloomy world of depression - it makes world dull. Well, know it before it is too late.

As a caregiver or sufferer or relative, depression seems to affect us all. This is something which needs constant reassurance and hope for cure. The world is dull and it is bright, both together. The difference is attitude and hope.

Read to know more on how to get and give help.
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Teenage Suicide facts
This is very serious and worth care topic in current times. The social pressure and being a teen is very tough in this facebook/twitter world. The things worked for us as a teen will not work same for our kids. So lets look at the facts and why it is happening today. The gen Y perspective on how they perceive competition.

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Is your kid stuck to Vedio games?
Its a matter of concern that the kids today - as young as 5 are so stuck with games that they have been missing the outdoor play and social skills. The additional fear is the voilent games which makes them aggressive and timid both at the same time. Complex world of kids and teens. Lets see how we can help as parents.

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Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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