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Human Beings were never designed to cope with the high pressure demands of life in the 21st century, life when you are constantly in demand, having to make vital decisions at breakneck speed right through the day and even during the night. Knowing how as well as when to switch off makes all the differences and even scientists now agree.

Patricia Norris, Ph.D., Director of the Biofeedback and Psychophysiology Clinic at the Menninger Foundation, reports: "In our practice at Menninger we use meditative techniques to enhance immune functioning in cancer, AIDS, and autoimmune patients. We also use meditation in conjunction with neuro-feedback to normalize brain rhythms and chemistry in alcohol and drug addiction, as well as other addictive conditions. Almost all of our patients use meditative techniques in learning self-regulation for disorders such as anxiety and hypertension, and for stress management. We consider meditation a recommended practice for anyone seeking high-level wellness."

Benefits of Meditation : Psychophysical links

A period of meditation can often lead to a feeling of being refreshed with a more positive attitude and a general feeling of well being. Things that had been bothering you may now be seen in a new and more helpful way. You gain a different, wider perspective on things and feel very much more in control.

These beneficial reactions have been well known for years, but only in recent times, has anyone found a physiological explanation. Some of the Benefits in this trait are as follows:

  • Decreased anxiety.
  • Decreased depression.
  • Decreased irritability and moodiness.
  • Improved learning ability and memory.
  • Increased self-actualization.
  • Increased feelings of vitality and rejuvenation.
  • Increased happiness.
  • Increased emotional stability.

Benefits of Meditation : Meditation and work.

The tension of modern working practices often mean that people are so bound up in meeting all the vigorous demands placed upon them that they maintain a high level of mental and physical activity right through the day. This frequently means that they are not only cutting off their extremely important emotional responses and their enjoyment of the simple things in life, but they are also pushing their physical and mental health right to the very limit. Much has now been written about the management of stress and the significant need for period of mental and physical relaxation during the working day.

Benefits of Meditation : The 20 minute rule

Ernest Rossi, a writer, has formulated the 20 minute rule which is based on the theory of ultradian rhythm. Ultra Rhythm are bio rhythm that the body works through during each day - a little like hyperbolic curves of energy which repeat every 90 - 120 minutes. Naturally it would be best to work only at peak performance times, but this is just not possible. However timing work breaks to coincide with the mind body slowdown pattern every 90 minutes thus ensure maximum productivity and restricts the potential build up of stress.

Rossi suggested the patterns of working for 90 minutes and then taking a brief 20 minute break. He himself usually lies down and meditates during this period because it is the best form of total mental and physical relaxation and is good preparation for returning to optimal mental processing.

A 20 minute meditation is ideal and Benefits will be felt immediately. In returning to work after 20 minutes, you will see things afresh and deal with them more efficiently.

Benefits of Meditation : Endorphin release

When we are truly relaxed both mentally and physically, there are changes in the brain waves pattern until it is predominantly located and fixed within the alpha state. Within this particular state the brain triggers chemicals known as endorphins. It is in fact this chemical trigger that has the Benefits that are experienced as a feeling of well being. Meditation is one of the easiest way to achieve this and these good feelings can easily linger for some time after the meditation has ended. There is also a real physical benefit as these endorphins boost and recharge the immune system, helping you to fight off all kinds of infections. Some of them are as follows:

  • Lower heart rate and reduced work load of the heart.
  • Reduction of free radicals- unstable oxygen molecules that can cause tissue damage.
  • Decreased high blood pressure.
  • Higher skin resistance. Low skin resistance is correlated with higher stress and anxiety levels.
  • Drop in cholesterol levels. High cholesterol is associated with cardiovascular disease.
  • Improved flow of air to the lungs resulting in easier breathing. This has been very helpful to asthma patients.

Meditation intoduction and basics - Meditation is frequently confused with various forms of concentration. Meditation is a very effective technique for improving your creativity and problem solving capacity. Meditation is one of the proven alternative therapies. Learn more about it.

Holosync and meditation - One of the great beauties of Holosync is how easy it is to use: Some people call it instant meditation, but it's much more than that.

How to use meditation? - Meditation is sometimes described as "listening to the silence between thoughts". Our effort in meditation is directed towards consciously increasing the periods of such silence.

What are the benefits of meditation?- One of many benefits of meditation is that it opens your mind to new ideas. When the bowl is full, trying to pour more water into it just causes an overflow. The same happens with our mind. When it is full of thoughts, there is no room for new ideas.

Simple meditation techniques - meditation is an exercise, aiming to prevent thoughts in a natural way, by deeply relaxing the physical body and then trying to keep the mind completely "blank" with no thoughts whatsoever. Learn various meditation techniques.

Tips to guided meditation - Before meditation you may wish to define clearly what do you want to learn, what do you want to ask your Higher Self. During the meditation, do not expect an answer (although it is likely that it will come when your mind will be pure) - this is also a thought!

Descartes Meditation: DESCARTES is often called the founder of modern philosophy, and the statement contains a solid core of historical truth.

Sometimes crying or laughing
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