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A New Way to Understand the Narcissistic Male


Understand the Narcissistic Male

There could be many people who can be selfish and prudent around us, but there are few who take this selfishness to the next level. When you see a person whom you can rightly put in this bracket and they negatively impact everyone around their life – they usually are signs of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, which is a personality disorder. Like all other disorders, naricissism can have large consequences for both the sufferer and the people around them.

Symptoms of people with Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Individual with narcissistic personality disorder has very different and often distorted sense of self. They are "grand" in each asect of life which means they have an inflated portrait of their abilities. You may find some of the marcissistic people to be very attractive, intelligent, or exceptionally talented, still they have very high standards for them and considers themselves elite or exceptional compared to everyone else. They believe themselves to be very important in any social gathering.

The Statistics around Narcissism prevailance

Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) does not have a well defined statistics like other diseases. Psychologists believe that about 1% of the population is diagnosed with NPD, and almost 75% of the identified cases undergoing therapy are men.

A lot of times, the frustration and impossibility of working effectively with people with NPD is the reason for therapists not able to consider them for treatment and hence the statistics around NPD.

Narcissists severely lack humility and will avoid admitting anything wrong with them and are very adamant about it. Most narcissists who undergo therapy are there because of some other reason like forced there by the courts, or have arrived for different reasons such as alcoholism or a divorce.

According to what is believed by some experts, there are estimated 16% of people who are severely narcissistic, which is about 1 in every 6 people.

Symptoms of Narcissistic Persons

  1. Exaggerated sense regarding their accomplishments and talents
  2. Unreasonable expectations of favoritism
  3. Striving for constant admiration and attention
  4. Obsessive self-involvement
  5. Belittlement of others to boost their fragile self-esteem
  6. Slightest criticism is met with rage and/or shame
  7. Inability to maintain healthy relationships

Treatment of NPD

There is no medication that is effective for the treatment of narcissistic personality disorder. Psychotherapy may have some effectiveness, but due to the nature of narcissistic people, it often remains unconquered area. even that is limited and often requires years of treatment to make any real progress. Those who will benefit the most from therapy arre the ones who are on the starting end of narcissistic continuum.


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