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Obesity is the commonest eating disorder, which has become epidemic in some developed countries. It is usually caused by a combination of constitutional and social factors, but binge eating disorder and psychological determinants of 'comfort eating' should be excluded.

Fitness tips for obesity

  • Light cardiovascular exercises like swimming, cycling, biking, yoga, treadmill walking.
  • Low resistence weight training.
  • Eat less, burn more.
  • High intensity workouts are a no-no (as they put pressure on the knees).

Facts and Tips about Obesity

  • Obesity is a state of having extreme body fats. It is long term disorder and reduces life span.
  • Obesity is estimated by body mass index (BMI). If person having BMI greater than 30 then that person is considered as obese.
  • Obesity may invite other diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, insulin resistance, osteoarthritis, metabolic syndrome, thrombosis, liver and gallbladder disease, cancer and gynecological problems. 
  • Genetic, overeating, eating high-fat foods, slow metabolism, physically inactive, psycological factors, medicines and specific diseases may cause obesity.
  • Physical exercise, dieting, herbal fen/phen, surgery, anti-obesity drugs, behavior changes are useful in treatment of obesity.
  • It is spread all over world but more common in America and percentage of having obesity in children is also highly increased.

Eating Disorder Overview
Bulimia Nervosa
Anorexia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Compulsive eating disorder

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