Joelle Osowski
I have consulted with and treated many people dealing with injuries that have resulted from motor vehicle accidents and sport injuries. My background in the areas of injury rehabilitation, chronic pain management, and achieving excellence in athletics, forms the base of my counselling/clinical work with clients.

Developing new ways of relating to physical and emotional pain is essential. In the process of cultivating skills that improve functioning and coping, I teach people to engage with and overcome painful thoughts and feelings through awareness techniques to develop self-compassion, cognitive flexibility, and build life-enhancing patterns of behaviour.
I personally have been through the process of dealing with a significant sports injury. I believe that my experience, in conjunction with psychology, affords me a unique perspective and understanding of the underlying pain processes in conjunction with the complex nature of the mind.

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Julie Panteluk
Every child is unique and wants to do their best. This is a core belief of mine. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and as parents, we too, want to do and be our best. Unfortunately we sometimes face challenges with our children that feel overwhelming and get in the way of who we want to be as parents. Since a child cannot exist outside of their family, my work with children encompasses working with parents to best support the child and family as a whole.

If you’re looking for help to feel more connected to your child, improve your child’s listening and/or behaviour and overall strengthen your relationship with your child, I can help. I have spent my career working with children ranging from infants to school aged alongside their families.
For the past several years, I have been working in the area of infant and early childhood mental health. I use a play-based, attachment & trauma informed approach in therapy with children and parent-child therapy. I am a Registered Circle of Security Parent Educator.

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Michele Fercho
Art therapist
R, Psych
Welcome! We are a group of clinical psychologists that provide a range of services including psychological assessment, psychotherapy, and consultation for children, teens, and adults. We help address problems including: Learning Problems, Behaviour Problems, Mood, Anxiety and Habit Disorders, Family, Parenting and Relationship challenges. We work with children, teens, adults, couples and families. Our consulting and training service provides services that include professional and personal development consulting and training in various areas of work-related professional development, emotional intelligence, and work-place functioning.

We are practical, interactive, and solution-focused therapists and we provide support with insight and feedback to help you address current challenges and long-standing issues. With sensitivity and compassion, we can help bring resolution to a wide range of life challenges and psychological issues.

With an integration of methods, we draw from a selection of styles and techniques to incorporate what is most helpful. Together with you, we work to build on strengths and achieve life goals. In doing this, we also emphasize the need for empirically supported and cost-effective assessment and intervention.

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Fercho Psychological Services
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Milena Meneghetti
MSc, RPsych
Perhaps you’re saddened by low self esteem or coping with depression or anxiety; struggling with relationship concerns or separation/divorce; dealing with work issues,a loved-one’s addiction, or the challenges & unique joys of parenting a typical or special needs child. Don’t do it alone. Please call for a free telephone consultation.
Our office is a renovated house which is located centrally with free parking. There, you will feel comfortable in a nonclinical setting. I look forward to meeting you, individually or with your partner and/or adolescent to help you on your journey to a more balanced, richer and meaningful life.

Do you want to live a better life? Is something getting in the way? Or are you feeling overwhelmed, unable to cope? I will help you harness your strengths to move past your issues. I’ll travel along side you considering your hopes, and partner with you nonjudgementally to address your worries. I’ll also help you find the strength to be courageous if needed. Only if you’re ready, I’ll help you take meaningful action, so that you feel better about yourself, your life, and others. Together we will customize your plan for change or implement coping strategies.

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Open Space Psychological Services
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Calgary, Alberta Canada
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Stephanie L. Baker
Psychologist, MACP
As a registered provisional psychologist, my goal is to offer a caring, non-judgmental and safe environment for all my clients so that they may fulfill their personal goals and overcome their life challenges. I have experience with Post-Traumatic Stress, childhood trauma, addictions, body image, relationship difficulties, depression and anxiety using EMDR therapy: helping individuals deal with traumatic and distressful memories. With compassionate and supportive counselling skills, offering the Gottman Therapy Method, I provide effective conflict resolution to couples to improve their ability to address their issues and difficult life transitions.

At Evolution Psychology, I also provide my clients with a mindfulness approach including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and Mindfulness Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (MCBT). My focus is to assist individuals, couples and families focus and develop healthy relationships while experiencing unwanted thoughts and memories.

Working towards self-empowerment, I help clients develop self-awareness to recognize their beliefs and values in the here-and-now. I assist individuals with mindful self-exploration, tuning in to their personal strengths and abilities and helping them realize and create the life that works for them.

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Evolution Psychology
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Tracy Dean
Clinical Social Work/Therapist

With my 14 years of experience in substance abuse treatment I am pleased to provide a non-residential addiction treatment program. I offer several groups for both people suffering with addictions and their loved ones, as well as services for individuals, couples and families struggling with addiction.

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Own Your Life Counselling
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Willow Creek Psychology
Psychologist, R, Psych, BEd, MEd, MEd
Willow Creek Psychology has locations in Southern Alberta in Claresholm and Calgary and employs four psychologists. We provide Individuals and their children and families assistance in becoming more successful in all areas of their lives. We assist children and adults to overcome mood issues like anxiety and depression and to make more meaningful personal , workplace and community connections. We assist couples in overcoming problems and issues that affect their relationships and ability to parent their children.We assist families in developing common values and behaviors and coaching then to successful family living.

Psychological Assessment is an important part of addressing individual and family needs. At willow creek we are prepared to assess all ages of people with a short wait time for service. We provide follow up service to address the recommended procedures that come out of the assessment.
Our practice has been created toward a vision of healthy development and holistic psychological care. We aim to create “wrap-around” psychological services geared towards helping the individual or child develop a healthy and adaptive set of life skills, in the context of a healthy and functional family and community.

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