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Joel T Gustafson
Marriage and Family Therapist
At the core of every person is a desire to feel safety, security, and love. These desires follow us throughout life and need to be satisfied in order for us to experience life to the fullest. Healthy relationships and connection with others help satisfy these needs. When these needs are not being met through relationships with friends, families, or lovers, people experience negative emotions and stress. The family system is also very important. Healthy boundaries and family structure are essential for a person to feel confident about who they are and what they have to offer.

It is important for me understand and connect with the people I work with. My hope is they would feel heard and experience hope. I believe God has a plan and purpose for everyone, which gives me passion and hope to work with the darkest situations people are facing.
I am passionate about working to help people experience the most this life has to offer. I serve people in the areas of anxiety, depression, grief/loss, identity formation, parenting, and marital/pre-marital.

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Overland Park, Kansas
John M Faucett
Is your organization not performing as effectively as it needs to be in today’s competitive business environment? Licensed in both clinical and industrial/organizational psychology, I am uniquely qualified to provide organizational consulting services, including executive coaching, conflict resolution, team building, stress management, job analysis and personnel selection.

Do you have trouble maintaining focus and staying on task? Is your child struggling academically? Such problems may result from Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), a specific learning disorder, or intellectual disability. A psychological evaluation might prove invaluable for identifying the nature and severity of psychological disabilities. I have extensive experience in assessing intelligence, academic achievement and personality in children and adults. I am ready to help you identify and eliminate the barriers standing in the way of personal achievement.
Do you frequently feel overwhelmed with anxiety and/or depression? Are you experiencing marriage or family problems? I am a skilled and empathetic therapist, providing individual, couples and family counseling, who will treat you with respect and provide you with the tools to help you cope with life’s stressors.

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John Mckeithen
Licensed Counselor
Hello, my name is John Mckeithen, LPC, LADC. My counseling experience ranges from treating adults, adolescents and families. I am a Certified Reality Therapist, Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor and Licensed Professional Counselor in Connecticut.

I am an experienced mental health and addictions counselor. I provide psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families I take pride in providing a comfortable and supportive atmosphere. I will help you realize what powerful resources you have within yourself to achieve your goals and meet your needs. I believe everyone should be able to take control of there life.

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Milford, Connecticut
Julie Fant
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
I understand it’s difficult to find a therapist, which is why I offer FREE 20 minute phone consultations. This gives us a sense of how to meet your needs. If you want someone who can understand what you are experiencing, just give me a call or email me.

I help couples strengthen their relationships, support individuals healing from abuse & domestic violence, and provide Biblically-integrative therapy. My desire is to help people rebuild relationships, equip them to manage conflict, heal past wounds, and discover who they were created to be. I have a special place in my heart for people who’ve experienced abuse in childhood or marriage. As a therapist, my goal is to pull alongside you during times of hurt and frustration, work to make sure you’re understood, help sort out complicated emotions, and create a plan that helps you become a healthier, happier you.
Over the past 20 years, I’ve helped in developing coping skills, increasing productive thinking, improving relationships, & overcoming traumatic issues in a safe, nurturing environment. My approach is down-to-earth & focuses on getting to know you, and using techniques that have been researched & found most effective for your problems.

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Benton, Arkansas
Karen Mavrikos
Hello! I am a kind, compassionate therapist with a strong desire to help those struggling with addiction. Asking for help is the first step in overcoming the overwhelming fears and doubt that you can actually win the battle against addiction. Trust me when I say, that it is possible! By increasing coping skills, and identifying the obstacles that are getting in the way, we can work together to get you back to the best version of you that you can be.

I have a passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction. I bring a unique perspective to healing journey that includes a holistic, individualized approach. Recovery is not a “one size fits all” process. I look forward to discovering what works for you and helping you take that journey through recovery with confidence and success.

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Psych Services
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Scottsdale, Arizona
Kenneth J Wade
Counselor, PhD
I have worked with numerous couples who have encountered issues with communication, infidelity, and blended families. While many of my individual clients are female, I have particular interest and background in working with men’s issues, including anger, substance abuse, sexuality, and pornography.
My work is part of the counselling ministry of a large church. I discuss faith and spirituality with clients as they seem relevant to the client’s development and the issues the client brings to counselling.

Most of us arrive at times when we can benefit from talking with a knowledgeable person who can listen with the objective of helping us to understand ourselves. My goal as a counsellor is to help each person know and accept themselves. When I can provide that kind of counselling relationship, clients are much more likely to find their own strengths and wisdom. By listening with compassion and empathy, rather than judgement, I am more likely to help clients find greater harmony and peace in their relationships.

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Kevin A. Root
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
As a psychotherapist who has been in practice for over twenty years, I have learned–without a doubt–about works most effectively in therapy, and how to achieve optimum results.These convictions have grown out of my experience not only as a successful therapist,but also out of many years of training and personal experience in the analytical methods known as Jungian depth-psychology. The Jungian approach begins with an understanding of the human PSYCHE; that is, both the conscious, and, perhaps most importantly, the unconscious mind must be understood.

In addition to presenting problems, a person’s DREAMS matter very much. However,since most people tend to ignore, or do not remember their dreams,there is no expectation that dreams will be included. I can work with or without dreams, but encourage people to remember them for best results.
Today, there is an epidemic of doctors who too readily prescribe medication for psychological problems These medications can be helpful, but too often they are only band-aids. Psychological problems require our deepest psychological understanding, and not only medications that often dull or numb the issues out of awareness.

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Kevin A. Root, LCSW
132 East Putnam Avenue
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Greenwich, Connecticut
Lamont Josey
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
I specialize in various issues related to behavioral and mental health and addictions. My primary focus is to help empower my clients to make meaningful changes in their lives through goal-directed interventions. I have many years of experience working with adolescents, adults and families using their own strengths to overcome various life challenges including adjustment issues, anger management, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, addictions and other behavioral and mental health issues.

I also use goal oriented and measurable techniques to help empower clients to accomplish their goals. I offer individual, couple and group sessions. I am also trained in various methodologies including Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Addictions Counseling.

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Your Center, LLC
Wilmington, Delaware
Laura Cayan
MA, PsyD

At San Francisco Family Practice, I specialize in psychotherapy with children, adolescents and their families, as well as with adults. I use evidence-based treatments including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to work with you and your family, and believe in a treatment-team approach, wherein families are highly encouraged to be a part of the therapy process. In order to best create your treatment plan, I tailor my approach to your unique concerns and goals.
Common treatment issues may include but are not limited to behavioral problems at school and at home, coping with medical illness, and parenting challenges. If clinically appropriate, I often collaborate with relevant pediatricians, medical personnel, teachers and other individuals important to your child and family’s success.

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San Francisco Family Pracitice
2161 Union St
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San Francisco, California
Laura F Filloramo
Marriage and Family Therapist
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
***ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS*** I specialize in working with adult women, children and adolescent girls experiencing trauma, anxiety and addiction. In therapy, I will help explore how past events may be impacting you in the present. Often the stressful events we endure in childhood or adulthood manifest through symptoms of anxiety, depression, performance issues, flashbacks, relationship issues, addiction or overall feelings of hopelessness. I believe that everyone has everything within to heal. My role is to guide you on the healing journey and help you find your own internal strength and resourcefulness.

My clinical orientation is most impacted by my training as an EMDR therapist. I have completed EMDR basic training levels I and II. In addition, I am trained in using EMDR with substance abuse and compulsive behaviors as well as complex trauma and dissociation.
EMDR has been shown to be an effective therapy for panic attacks, grief performance anxiety, eating disorders, addiction , stress reduction and dissociation disorders. EMDR has been shown to be effective for children, teens and adults. Please call for a free consultation to explore more on how you can find hope and healing.

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