Eldon Pullman
Thirty years of counselling experience has given me expertise in all areas of counselling. I am concerned for people experiencing individual, relationship, family and anger management concerns. I work with all clients in a safe and confidential environment to help them gain wholeness in their lives.

Some of my specialities are working with clients who are experiencing relationship issues, grief, alcohol and drug, marital conflict, depression and anxiety, financial, separation and divorce issues . As well I do anger management and domestic violence counselling with both men and women.
Fees are based on a sliding scale according to household income. I also do Employee Assistance counselling and working with Victims of crime.

Cornerstone Counselling Service
302 – 1200 Portage Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3G 0T5
Jami Parrish
At some point in life we may question who we are and where we are going. Life transitions become increasingly difficult to navigate as life moves at an ever faster pace. During such liminal and transitional times, we need an oasis to rest and reflect. We need someone to be present with us, to help us slow down and gain perspective. At times, issues from our past sabotage our ability to engage full in the world and life seems to pass by us. Perhaps you feel a longing for something more and need a place of support to sort through the confusion. Perhaps you need a place to help you discover the wisdom awaiting in your heart. This is the essence of therapy. For me, therapy is a process of discernment. It’s a journey to help you be more present to yourself and those around you.

I have experience treating a wide range of concerns including: family of origin issues, grief, loss, anxiety, depression, and addictions – both substance and process addictions such as sexual compulsivity. My graduate and undergraduate studies in neuroscience informs my work, it helps me see how the interaction between psychological, biological, and societal factors impact an individual’s experience and perception of the world.

You deserve a tailored, integrative approach suited to your needs. Together we will build a collaborative, therapeutic relationship to support you in creating the life you want.
4320 N. Campbell Ave.
Suite 226, Tucson, AZ
Jim Squire
Welcome, I’m a warm, caring and compassionate therapist and I have been helping people create the life they want for over 12 years. I understand that life can be hard and we often feel stuck in negative patterns, anxiety, depression, addictions, unsatisfying relationships or a painful past. I am here to listen to you and find solutions that work for you. None of us can see ourselves or our problems objectively. I can help you gain self-awareness, understanding and the skills to navigate any situation successfully. I offer a free 15 min phone consultation to see if we can work well together.

Are you having trouble coping with depression, anxiety or worried about your drug and alcohol use, is life overwhelming you? Do you have concerns about your relationships with your partner or family. I create a safe space where we can explore issues at your own pace.
I believe my greatest asset is my ability is to empathize with people, enter into their world and help them feel valued and accepted. Research has shown that the right connection with a therapist who understands and accepts you can be a life changing experience
416 826 0842
47 Queen’s Park Cres East
3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario
M4M 2S1
Karen Mavrikos
Hello! I am a kind, compassionate therapist with a strong desire to help those struggling with addiction. Asking for help is the first step in overcoming the overwhelming fears and doubt that you can actually win the battle against addiction. Trust me when I say, that it is possible! By increasing coping skills, and identifying the obstacles that are getting in the way, we can work together to get you back to the best version of you that you can be.

I have a passion for helping individuals struggling with addiction. I bring a unique perspective to healing journey that includes a holistic, individualized approach. Recovery is not a “one size fits all” process. I look forward to discovering what works for you and helping you take that journey through recovery with confidence and success.

(602) 833-1494
Psych Services
3200 N Hayden Rd, #275
Scottsdale, Arizona
Kim Gillcrist
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
My practice provides professional counselling services to individuals (ages 16+), couples, and families as needed. I specialize in areas of addiction, mental health, domestic violence and sexual assault, as well as managing stress and working through issues in relationships with others. Through the counselling process, I seek to help clients improve their coping skills, strengthen self esteem, and promote behaviour change through support, psychoeduation, and psychotherapy.

I provide supportive, therapeutic interventions using a broad variety of clinical approaches including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Solution Focused Therapy (SFT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Narrative Therapy, and Person Centered Therapy.

(506) 802-9289
199 Chesley Drive
Suite 207
Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
E2K 4S9
Lamont Josey
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
I specialize in various issues related to behavioral and mental health and addictions. My primary focus is to help empower my clients to make meaningful changes in their lives through goal-directed interventions. I have many years of experience working with adolescents, adults and families using their own strengths to overcome various life challenges including adjustment issues, anger management, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, addictions and other behavioral and mental health issues.

I also use goal oriented and measurable techniques to help empower clients to accomplish their goals. I offer individual, couple and group sessions. I am also trained in various methodologies including Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Functional Family Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Addictions Counseling.

(302) 504-4898
Your Center, LLC
Wilmington, Delaware
Laura F Filloramo
Marriage and Family Therapist
Marriage & Family Therapist, LMFT
***ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS*** I specialize in working with adult women, children and adolescent girls experiencing trauma, anxiety and addiction. In therapy, I will help explore how past events may be impacting you in the present. Often the stressful events we endure in childhood or adulthood manifest through symptoms of anxiety, depression, performance issues, flashbacks, relationship issues, addiction or overall feelings of hopelessness. I believe that everyone has everything within to heal. My role is to guide you on the healing journey and help you find your own internal strength and resourcefulness.

My clinical orientation is most impacted by my training as an EMDR therapist. I have completed EMDR basic training levels I and II. In addition, I am trained in using EMDR with substance abuse and compulsive behaviors as well as complex trauma and dissociation.
EMDR has been shown to be an effective therapy for panic attacks, grief performance anxiety, eating disorders, addiction , stress reduction and dissociation disorders. EMDR has been shown to be effective for children, teens and adults. Please call for a free consultation to explore more on how you can find hope and healing.

769 Farmington Avenue
Box 12, Farmington, Connecticut
Lesley Vaters
Lesley has spent the last decade working with adults and children in a number of capacities including counselling, social development and child behavioral modification.
Lesley is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and member in good standing with the BCACC. Lesley’s training and education includes a Bachelor’s Degree (BA) from the University of Waterloo and a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology (MACP) from Yorkville University.

She has completed additional programs in the areas of grief and bereavement counselling, mental health first aid, spiritual care, suicide intervention and applied behavioral analysis.

709 689 8677
Bright Path Counselling
40 Commonwealth Avenue
Suite 102
Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador Canada
A1N 1W6
Nanci Wojcik
The first part of the getting-to-know-you process I will complete an initial assessment to help determine the depth of your depression, anxiety, unhealthy/healthy coping strategies, personality characteristics and other areas that may be causing you to feel stuck. All the while using a strength-based approach. After the assessment, we can explore your problem areas through collaborative discussions. For some people, just being able to talk freely about a problem brings relief, being validated and supported helps in the letting go process. The early stages of counselling will help you clarify what’s troubling you.

You will learn new skills that will help you see yourself and the world differently and how to distinguish between situations you can change and those you cannot. Please specify preference in email for Halifax or Bedford office. First 30 minute initial consultation free.

Nanci Wojcik Counselling & Therapy Services
36 Brookshire Court
Suite 200
Bedford, Nova Scotia Canada
B4A 4E9
The soul talk
BSc, MSc
I am a Psychotherapist, Life Coach & combine the depth of therapy with the practicality and goal achievement of coaching.My therapeutic style is supportive and interactive. I work collaboratively with adults, couples, children, families and will tailor the treatment uniquely. I work a wide spectrum of problems, Depression,anxiety,behavioral issues,Personality Disorder,Relationship issues, learning difficulties, or if you’ve achieved success in certain areas of life,but need some expert guidance in others areas, I can help!Together we will create a therapeutic environment where you can explore painful and troubling feelings, set goals, and develop strategies for coping with difficult uncomfortable feelings.

working with diverse populations providing services in crisis management, family issues, acute mental health issues, anxiety, and depression, I have developed a unique sense for creating an environment that promotes positive change and growth for my clients. I am also a Certified Yoga and Ayurveda counselor.
I have a passion for working with adolescents & young families. Supporting them in this confusing time with everything from relationships issues, emotional abuse, alcohol and drug abuse , eating disorders and body image. Together we strive to make healthy emotional connections to others as well as a stronger sense of self
(506) 440 -9283
The soul talk
860 Prospect Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick Canada
E3B 5J7