Family Conflict

Christine Nicholson
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
I enjoy working with people one on one, in couples and families toward restoring personal well being and healthy relationships. Through play-based therapy, I am able to assist children to understand their emotions, how to better communicate their feelings and thoughts with their parents or caregivers, and develop effective coping skills to manage behaviours.In a confidential and safe environment, couple therapy solutions include help with conflict resolution and communication skills, all part of necessary work in restoring and rebuilding relationship foundations.

Individual, couple and family counselling, to address stress management, anxiety and depression, conflict, relationship breakdown, life transitions and support for caregivers. Models used include Cognitive Behavioural and Narrative Therapies, Solution Focussed Therapy.
Play-based therapy for children addressing anxiety, depression, and adjustment to separation/divorce. Effective strategies are provided for those dealing with chronic pain. I can direct people to find solutions via useful resources online or in the community.

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Next Step Family Counselling
Newmarket, Ontario
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Cris Calley Jones
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Everyone faces life challenges sooner or later; either everyday problems, or dealing with issues related to life circumstances or history. For nearing 30 years, I have offered counselling to individuals, couples, and their families. My training (MSW, RSW, PhD) and life experience enables me to be comfortable with a variety of ages, genders, races, cultures, orientations, and life-styles. Within short-term counselling, longer-term therapy, and clinical assessments, my approach is to empower and provide perspective within a comfortable, welcoming space. Clients tell me that they feel at ease in my office, and appreciate my conversational approach.

I have particular skill to work with multihome and blended families. I am trained in Family Mediation related to separation/divorce, parenting plans, custody/access, estrangement, and family reconciliation. I conduct professional assessments and make recommendations for custody/access, as well as children’s views. Assessments are thorough and professional.
Conveniently located near downtown Guelph. Free parking. Daytime and evening appointments.

Guelph, Ontario
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Glenda S Eversole
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
My goal is to help you understand & resolve emotional distress due to relationship problems, life changes, loss, trauma, and/or the lingering impact of negative life experiences. Having previously been a military spouse for 12 years, I have a unique insight into how to help military families thrive.
Healing the hearts of individuals, couples and families is at the heart of my practice. I love to support & help you build and nurture healthy, positive relationships, resolve painful issues in your past or present, and identify what you want in your life and how you can make it happen.

I love helping you recognize & develop your strengths, improve your relationships, and resolve situations or issues that may be hurting you or your loved ones. Helping military spouses & families thrive within the culture of military life is an important part of my practice. A wealth of life experience combined with clinical training & expertise give me a deeper understanding of your needs and how to best help you. Building a comforting and encouraging therapeutic relationship with you with respect, compassion, and a down-to-earth approach is my foundation for helping you and your family achieve positive growth and change.

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Growing Hope Counseling PLLC
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Cabot, Arkansas
Nick Cornett
Licensed Counselor
In addition to working with clients, I am also a university professor, which has helped me to stay current in the research and training in the field. I primarily teach courses on play therapy and family therapy.

Do you have a child who is defiant, acts impulsively, or struggles to show self-control? Is anxious, withdrawn, or depressed? Struggling socially or in school? Having difficulty adjusting to a stressful life experience? I primarily work with young children (2-10 years old) who are experiencing behavioral, emotional, psychological, and/or relational problems that are interfering with their functioning at home, school, and/or other settings. I believe strongly in the role that parents/caregivers and families have in the lives of their children and like to involve them as much as possible as I work with children.
As a Registered Play Therapist, I have received additional training, experience, and supervision in counseling children. Play therapy provides a developmentally-appropriate approach for counseling children. Kids often struggle to express themselves verbally and may not respond well to traditional counseling methods that are often geared to adults.

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Rogers, Arkansas
Rhonda Swindle
As part of Chenal Family Therapy PLC, I work with a team of dedicated therapists who each specialize in different issues. This team approach allows me to bring a much broader expertise than just my own to your counseling experience and provide coordinated treatment and referrals for families or couples.

Had enough? Give me a call when you’re ready to find rest, reboot your heart and mind, and strategize about the next steps in creating a healthier existence. As someone who has found myself at the crossroads more than once, I’d by honored to provide caring guidance as you figure out what change looks like. My goal is to provide a safe place where feelings can be explored and suggestions be considered, without any judgement or pressure. A good therapy session will be one where you feel heard, valued, challenged, and empowered. Nights and weekends available.
I’ve had the unique opportunity to wear a lot of hats in my life, including mother, police officer, and psychology professor. These have given me a soft spot in my heart and unique expertise to work with law enforcement, first responders, parents of infants, empty nesters, and college students.

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Chenal Family Therapy PLC
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Sherri Manko
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
Welcome! Are you looking for new and effective ways to cope with anxiety/worry? Trying to bounce back from a depression or past trauma? I will support you to discover your strengths and help you make the changes you need to get on the road to feeling whole. You are the expert on your situation, meaning YOU hold a solution to the challenges you face. That doesn’t mean it is easy, you might feel so overwhelmed that you can’t see any way to improve or escape your difficult situation. This is where counselling can help.

Considering the first steps towards making lasting changes takes courage, especially if you’re not one to ask for help. It can get easier. I am an experienced counsellor who can help you identify and work through your challenges, allowing you to become a stronger and more confident person.
I am currently accepting new clients and offer both daytime and evening appointments. I also conduct telephone sessions if you live outside the city or have trouble getting to my office regularly. Extended health benefit plans often cover the fees of Registered Social Workers. Connect with me today and take the first step.

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Winnipeg, Manitoba
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Stephanie Otte
I work with children, teens/adolescents, and families with emotional, behavioral, and family dynamic concerns. I believe that families can grow and learn together in new, healthy ways to address both individual and family matters. I also have a passion for empowering women. My goal is to help them heal in their relationships with themselves and others, particularly with other women. I believe it is important for women of all ages to truly know and accept themselves.

I specialize in the areas of conflict-resolution, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger management, and trauma abuse and recovery.
I believe that taking our whole selves into account is crucial to the counseling process. I love to integrate faith into how we think, live, and engage with others.

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Journeys Counseling Center
2020 S McClintock Drive
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Tempe, Arizon

Doorways LLC
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Victoria Cagan
Clinical Social Work/Therapist
My practice is Mindfulness based. I offer an integrated a developmental wellness perspective using: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Trauma-Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychotherapy, MARI and Mandala drawing, Mindfulness Skills, Guided Imagery and the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. We will tailor a treatment plan specifically to meet your needs as we work together.

Life can be challenging, whether planned or unexpected. Trauma and loss can sometimes be overwhelming as we learn to navigate those life stressors. Careers and relationships can require attention and children are learning their way in this world. In working with an individual, couple or family, I offer an approach that values your experiences and strengths while supporting you to develop new skills and empower change. Making that first call demonstrates that you are motivated to make a change and that is an act of courage.

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Willow Creek Psychology
Psychologist, R, Psych, BEd, MEd, MEd
Willow Creek Psychology has locations in Southern Alberta in Claresholm and Calgary and employs four psychologists. We provide Individuals and their children and families assistance in becoming more successful in all areas of their lives. We assist children and adults to overcome mood issues like anxiety and depression and to make more meaningful personal , workplace and community connections. We assist couples in overcoming problems and issues that affect their relationships and ability to parent their children.We assist families in developing common values and behaviors and coaching then to successful family living.

Psychological Assessment is an important part of addressing individual and family needs. At willow creek we are prepared to assess all ages of people with a short wait time for service. We provide follow up service to address the recommended procedures that come out of the assessment.
Our practice has been created toward a vision of healthy development and holistic psychological care. We aim to create “wrap-around” psychological services geared towards helping the individual or child develop a healthy and adaptive set of life skills, in the context of a healthy and functional family and community.

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