Ana Bodnar
Art therapist
I am a clinical psychologist in midtown Toronto. I incorporate mindfulness, psychodynamic and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy approaches to addressing a variety of life problems, including anxiety, depression, addictions, grief, eating disorders, life direction and couple counselling. I offer a safe therapeutic environment where insight and change are possible. I have worked with individuals from many cultural backgrounds and walks of life and also offer psychotherapy in Spanish. I support individuals to make positive changes in their lives through insight, practical tools and by empowering individuals to reconnect with their own strengths. Please see www.anabodnar.com

I have taught meditation and mindfulness extensively, including as an instructor at the University of Toronto for 10 years. I bring many years of experience to sharing evidence based techniques and tools for addressing a range of life problems. I support individuals to live more joyfully, peacefully and with authenticity.

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Debbie Bowyer
My approach is to allow you to bring your past into the present so that you can develop skills that free you to thrive in the future. I provide a safe, open and encouraging space to equip and free you to do three things: * identify automatic negative, limiting or unproductive thoughts and behaviours, and imagine a life beyond them; * move from the bondage of those thoughts and behaviours, into a freedom of intention and choice where you can live life with purpose and passion; * develop the skill to sustain this freedom on your own.

My clients worldwide learn to manage expectations, change thinking and behaviour, live a congruent lifestyle and create a sustainable self-care plan. I address a wide range of problems including: stress & anxiety; depression; unresolved anger; forgiveness; grief; bitterness; low self-esteem; identity crisis; conflict; family issues; marriage conflicts; crisis intervention.

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Debbie Bowyer Counselling
Bedford, Nova Scotia Canada
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Don Streit
Clinical Social Work/Therapist

Years in Practice: 30+ Years
School: University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Year Graduated: 1977
License No. and State: C-264 Arkansas

After thirty years of practice as a psychotherapist and twenty years of teaching graduate students my primary goals remain the same: I intend to help clients discover their own strengths and resources. I enjoy empowering clients to confidently utilize their abilities to improve the quality of life and experience healing recovery from crises. An ideal client allows me to work jointly with them in a partnership to enjoy a sense of their own worth and resilience.
I work in the following speciality areas: Anxiety disorders Grief and Loss recovery Hypnosis for healthy eating habits Dreamwork interpretation Sleep disorders Depression disorders
I have an appreciation for the spiritual dimension of a client’s life. I respectfully work a client’s sources of inspiration and their search for meaning and purpose in their world.

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Georgina Cannon
Healing and change is a co-creation. Whether dealing with stress, anger or being stuck in life. I make a safe place for my client to move towards change into understanding, peace and joy. Using a variety of modalities: NLP, hypnosis, regression therapy and coaching we achieve results within a short time. Using athe Third Circle Protocol working with family relationships seeing both parties together and separately – aiming for a successful outcome of understanding and respect. Teens and parents or couples. This protocol has now become a book The Third Circle Protocol (my third book) published by Findhorn Press.

Regression therapy takes you back to the initial sensitive event, in this life, the womb, or a past life. It doesn’t matter where the initial trigger came from – that’s where the memory or emotion came into the body. Also the Third Circle Protocol works developing a respectful loving relationship with self and others..

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Stephanie Otte
I work with children, teens/adolescents, and families with emotional, behavioral, and family dynamic concerns. I believe that families can grow and learn together in new, healthy ways to address both individual and family matters. I also have a passion for empowering women. My goal is to help them heal in their relationships with themselves and others, particularly with other women. I believe it is important for women of all ages to truly know and accept themselves.

I specialize in the areas of conflict-resolution, self-esteem, anxiety, depression, anger management, and trauma abuse and recovery.
I believe that taking our whole selves into account is crucial to the counseling process. I love to integrate faith into how we think, live, and engage with others.

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