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Do I have adult ADHD? - Check with this Adult ADHD Quiz


Check the score and know for yourself if you are having adult ADHD. Take this quiz on your own. A score of 11 or higher indicates that your symptoms might be consistent with adult ADHD.

Question 1 of 5

If you are given a task which requires Organization, do you feel it tough to do and perform?

A. I never have such difficulty
B. I rarely have such difficulty
C. Sometimes, I face it
D. I face it often
E. I face it very often

Question 2 of 5

If you are supposed to work on a task which needs lot of thoughts and thinking, you tend to avoid or delay in starting it?

A. I never avoid or delay in starting
B. I rarely avoid or delay in starting
C. Sometimes, I avoid or delay in starting
D. I often avoid or delay in starting
E. I very often avoid or delay in starting

Question 3 of 5

Do you leave your desk or seat which attending meetings or situations where you are expected to be seated?

A. I never leave such situations
B. I rarely leave such situations
C. Sometimes, I leave such situations
D. I often leave such situations
E. I very often leave such situations

Question 4 of 5

Do you get a feeling of Restlessness and Fidgety?

A. I never feel this
B. I rarely feel this
C. Sometimes, I feel this
D. I often feel this
E. I very often feel this

Question 5 of 5

Do you face any difficulty while waiting for your turn in a queue?

A. I never face difficulty
B. I rarely face difficulty
C. Sometimes, I face difficulty
D. I often face difficulty
E. I very often face difficulty


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