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Loneliness Test - Quiz for checking your Loneliness


Are you lonely? How often do you feel unable to reach out and communicate with those around you? How often do you find yourself waiting for people to call or write? How often do you feel you cannot tolerate being so alone? Well, the most lonely of the people in this world say they are not lonely all the time. There is some good new lying here for all of us.

Identify what is the cause of you being lonely? Take this simple quiz to find the answer to the question - Are You Lonely?

Question 1 of 6

A group of friends/colleagues in my workplace are going for a latest movie. Are you joining in the group or you are not invited?

A. I never get invited
B. I rarely get invited
C. Sometimes, I get invited and go
D. I get invited and go often
E. I get invited and go very often

Question 2 of 6

How many times do you feel unhappy and unsatisfied by doing things all alone in your life?

A. I never have such difficulty
B. I rarely have such difficulty
C. Sometimes, I face it
D. I face it often
E. I face it very often

Question 3 of 6

How frequently do you feel/find yourself in a situation where you are waiting for someone to arrive, write or call back.

A. I never feel/find this
B. I rarely feel/find this
C. Sometimes, I feel/find this
D. I feel/find this often
E. I feel/find it very often

Question 4 of 6

If someone says something bad about you to others or yourself, do you lock yourself down and does not go out for a long time?

A. I never do this
B. I rarely do this
C. I sometimes do this
D. I do it often and lock myself
E. I do it often and lock myself

Question 5 of 6

On an average how many people you meet during the week?

A. Many people - I do not remember the count
B. I meet lot of them - may be more than 30
C. I meet people - about more than 10
D. I meet very less people - less than 10
E. I do not meet people - may be sometime less than 1-2.

Question 6 of 6

How many times in a normal day, you feel and say it yourself that you are lonely?

A. I never feel like this
B. I rarely feel like this
C. I feel and say about once a day
D. I say it about 4-5 times a day
E. I say it very often - about 10-15 times a day


Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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