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Mental Health Awareness Quiz


Do you carry any misconception about the mental health? Are you the one who becomes stigmatic afetr hearing about someone being mentally challenged?

Well, there are many such myths and misconceptions which people have about mental health. Hence trying to create some mental health awareness by this.

1.How many people in your knowledge will experience some or other kind of mental health issue in the period of 1 year?
1 in 10 people
1 in 6 people
1 in 4 people
1 in 3 people

2.How many people across the world are estimated to have mental illness?
100 million
200 million
450 million
550 million

3. Who is the most likely person to get mental illness first?
Poeple with stressful job
Mental health can effect anyone regardless of anything.
Poor and uneducated people get it
People who have some hereditary connection with mental illness

4. Stigma refers to:
A plan of treatment agreed to by patient and doctor.
Lack of knowledge about mental health
Societal prejudice that can prevent people in need from speaking up or seeking help.

5. Mental Health is defined as:
Achieving a period of 12-18 months without a psychotic episode.
Striking a balance in all aspects of your life - social, physical, spiritual, economic, mental.
A constant feeling of contentment.

6. Exercise can help relieve the experience of depression

7. What three factors need to be considered when assessing the seriousness of the Mood Disorder and the need for consultation and referral.
Severity of the symptoms and behaviour.
Intensity of the symptoms and behaviour.
Duration of the symptoms and behaviour.
all of the above

8. Depression and bipolar disorder are examples of:
Mood Disorders
Personality Disorders
Anxiety Disorders

9. SAD stands for:
Simple Anxiety Defect
It is a short form of 'sadness'.
Seasonal Affective Disorder, a type of depression that follows a seasonal pattern.

10. Eating disorders only affect women.


Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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