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Effects of Low Self Esteem on a Person


Self-esteem defines the fundamental characteristic of a person which comes from the childhood the person has spent. It is the reaction and thoughts which one has for themselves, in normal daily life ups and downs. If the person has healthy self-esteem the changes in life does not make them change their own perspective about themselves. Whereas, the person with low self-esteem can have devastating impact due to normal ups and downs in life. How the person see and feel about himself or herself changes with the upbringing you had in your childhood.

Low self-esteem consequences

  1. It may onset anxiety, stress and loneliness in the person
  2. The person is more likely to be depressed as compared to other people.
  3. It can seriously impact the job performance and academics.
  4. It can create friction between friends and relationships.
  5. It increases the vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse.
  6. It can make a person negative and take him down in all aspects. The person will start to show self-destructive behaviour as well.

How to cope up with Low Self Esteem

Can low self-esteem change to a positive and healthy self-esteem? Well, the things cannot change overnight, but there are ways in which it can be improved slowly and steadily. You need to first believe that low self-esteem is your issue and you need to improve it. Acceptance of this fact is half the battle done. You will not feel powerless. Follow the following 3 steps to make it happen gradually in your life:

First is to shut down the Inner Critic and take out the positive one.
Second, you should practice Self-Nurturing and self-praising. Do something for yourself and not always curse and criticize. You deserve a good life and take your right to lead a happy life.
Thirdly, get help from others who are willing to help.

What are the major Characteristics of low self-esteem?

  1. They are social withdrawn
  2. They are suffering from anxiety and emotional setbacks
  3. Do not have social skills and self-confidence.
  4. Often susceptible to Depression and sadness
  5. Lot of times have eating disorders
  6. They just cannot accept compliments and always put themselves away from success
  7. Are not fair to themselves and always criticizing internally
  8. Always worry and exaggerated concerns about what people will think about them
  9. Cannot take on challenges and cannot ever put themselves first.
  10. They cannot believe on their own opinion

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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