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Poor Self Esteem and Healthy Self Esteem Comparison


Self-esteem is how you see and react to different things that happen to you and around you in your life. Your self-esteem is something which is very fundamental as compared to normal changes in your life with situational changes. For people with right and good self-esteem, the normal up and down in life do not make lot of changes in their feelings about themselves, whereas, a person with low self-esteem will have these changes making too much of difference in their self-opinion. Self-esteem develops completely during childhood.

Difference between low and healthy Self Esteem

People with poor self-esteem just take the current or present perspective to judge how they are feeling about themselves. They need the opinion of others to judge their own self-esteem and often this correction in feeling lasts only for limited time. They have lot of negative feelings which most of the time cripples their self-image.

Healthy self-esteem on the other hand is more practical and accurate in judging the right capabilities about self. It is the ability to accept and value self in any condition or perspective. This in the light of the knowledge about the world and surroundings, make it possible to accept the strengths and limitations on oneself. These people seldom think that they are not worthy.

Major Differentiating points

The healthy self-esteem is the outcome of a childhood experience where the child is being praised, listened, spoken respectfully, got attention and hugs, experienced success in sports or school and having trustworthy friends. All of these make a strong impact and the person has healthy self-esteem, as he or she grows up.

Low Self-Esteem adults have a childhood in which they experience being treated harshly or criticized, being yelled or beaten, being ignored or teased, being burdened with perfect expectations all the time, failures in academics and sports , etc. These kids get an impression that a normal loss at a game is failure of them as a person.

How to convert low self Esteem to Healthy one

Self Esteem is how you view and react to daily situations in life. There are few suggestions to build the right self-esteem:

  1. Be kind to yourself and respect yourself.
  2. Don’t make yourself suffer or say harsh words about yourself if you make mistakes.
  3. Stay away from the negative self-talk and stop criticizing yourself. Take help from a trusted family member or friend if you find it difficult.
  4. Every person has a self-value and you should not compare with others.
  5. Tell yourself your own achievements and do not just brush off the compliments and success. They are not sheer luck.
  6. Remind your own good qualities about you every day. This can help you in making ill thoughts go away.
  7. Past is gone. It is better to forget and learn from it.
  8. Read inspirational quotes and books which can give you positive side of life.
  9. Do not worry about everything in your life. Worry makes things better prepared, but excess worry makes situations worse.
  10. Enjoy, relax and have fun in your daily life. You deserve it. Exercise regularly.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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