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Self Image - Mental Picture NOT Mirror


It's not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life,it's what you whisper to yourself that has the most power. Humans are not given birth just once by their mothers. Rather, they give birth to themselves everyday over and over again.

What is Self Image - it is the conception of oneself or of one's role in the world. It is the way one person thinks about himself or herself including abilities or appearance. So, self image is how you see yourself and believes about yourself. This is very important since it affects the self esteem.

Poor self-image can be an outsome of accumulated criticisms since the childhood which led to damaging their own view about themselves. Children suffer because of negative judgements about themselves specially from teachers and parents, adolescents think a lot about their physical appearance when you think of self image.

Scientists believe that self-image is governed by events that affect us like - doing well or not in school, work, or relationships. Some other people think that how you see your self image can change the progress and outcome of the events happening. There is some truth in both the thoughts, but the main fact remains intact - self image has a very big impact on your happiness, and how do you see yourself can change the way others treats you. Positive person who carry high self image and values is more likely to be respected and seen as a positive capable person.

How Self image is depicted?

It is within all of us and its answer lies on asking the following questions with yourself:

1. How you yourself think about your personality?
2. What kind of person you are?
3. What others think about you?
4. Do you like yourself and how much othes like you?
5. Your status at work and at home in your eyes

Relation with self esteem

Self Esteem is what and how you feel about your own self. The term Self Image refers to how you think others thinks about you and see you. Both of these terms are closely connected with each other since your poor opinion about yourself can lead to lowering your self esteem.

How to improve self image?

You need to know where you think you stand. Prepare the list of things you think you like about yourself. This include appearance, personality and skills.

Be positive and you need to change your negative thoughts to positive thoughts

Carefully note down all the compliments you got. Choos the strong method of powerful method of self-hypnosis

Make changes in your appearance like that clothes, hair style, behaviour, etc. If you have some bad habits or bad past, learn to accept about yourself and you need to think positive about them as well.

Regular endurance exercise is favourable for self-image. Exercise are often associated with high score on physical and psychological health. More active people have less social behavioural inhibition.

You need to accentuate the positive things in your life and make them stronger.

Known your limits and accept your flaws as humans. Forgive yourself of your wrongdoings. This is very important for one's self image.

Sometimes crying or laughing
are the only options left,
and laughing feels better right now.

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